Voytik gets invitation to Army All-American game

During his junior season at Cleveland (Tenn.) High School, Chad Voytik accomplished many things on the gridiron despite dealing with a compound fractured finger. But this spring, the 6-foot and 190-pound quarterback prospect reached another goal without playing a game.
Voytik was recently invited to participate in the 2012 U.S. Army All-American game in San Antonio, Texas.
"I was so excited when I got the news and it was always one of my goals to play in that game," said Voytik, who threw for 1,861 yards with 17 touchdowns and five interceptions last year. "I've been to their combine two years in a row and watched that game since middle school. Just knowing all the players that have gone through that game, it makes it a huge honor for me.
"Marlon Jackson, who is in the NFL and has played with the Eagles and the Colts, went to school with my dad and I know him pretty well. He played in the very first U.S. Army All-American game and he texted me and told me congratulations. So that was a cool experience, too."
Voytik currently owns offers from Mississippi State, Vanderbilt, Pittsburgh, Clemson, Virginia, Memphis, Middle Tennessee State and Arkansas State. This spring he's been able to take a few unofficial visits and noted another BCS program is starting to show interest.
"I've been to see Clemson, Vanderbilt and Pittsburgh this offseason," said Voytik. "It's hard to say who else might offer but I have been hearing from Florida State some of late. You never know who else might offer until it happens but I believe it will pick up again and it's always a surprise when it does."
Last summer, Voytik made several stops at college camps, including MSU, but plans to take a different approach this summer. He does have a pair of combines he hopes to attend but most of his work this summer will be with his high school team.
"I am hoping to get invited back to the Elite 11 camp in California and I am also doing that USA vs. The World combine," noted Voytik. "Most likely I won't do any college camps because I got exposed to all of that last year and it was fun. But I missed a lot of workouts with my team and a lot of 7-on-7 work. So this summer I want to focus more on those things."
However, Voytik does plan to make a few summer visits to college camps, including stops at his current Top 3 favorites.
"My dad and I talked about narrowing things down and checking out those schools with the whole family," said Voytik. "So I am going to tour Mississippi State, Pittsburgh and Vanderbilt again and see how that goes. Those are my Top 3 right now and I want to see those schools again."
And once those visits have taken place, Voytik said his college decision could be right around the corner.
"I've talked about it with my dad lately," said Voytik. "Towards the end of those visits and evaluation period, I will try to sit down and talk about it with my family and make a decision. So once I take those visits, I will likely decide at the beginning of June or later in June."
When that time comes, said Voytik, it will be all about that right "comfort level".
"Once I see the schools again, I just want to see where my comfort level is," said Voytik. "I will know when it is right and I want to see how my family reacts to each school and those coaches. I will know when the time and school is right and how comfortable I am with the coaches.
"And I feel I could fit in either of those offense in my Top 3. There is really not a certain offense I prefer and I can use my talents in either of those offenses. All of those schools throw it around some and I can use my feet when I need to."