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Voytik eying visits

Last summer Cleveland (Tenn.) quarterback Chad Voytik made his rounds at college camps and quickly caught the
attention of college recruiters. The rising senior plans again to return to campuses this summer but will mainly just take in unofficial visits with his family.
"I won't be hitting the college camps but I am going to take some unofficial visits to Mississippi State, Clemson and Pittsburgh," said Voytik, who was recently selected for the U.S. Army All-American game. "And I may visit Vanderbilt as well. I am going to an Elite 11 camp in California in late July but that may be the only camp I participate in.
"I haven't set the dates for visits just yet. I have to work those dates around my high school schedule and our 7-on-7 league and team workouts. I missed a lot of those workouts last year and I didn't want to do that again this summer."
While Voytik is taking a different approach this summer, what has remained consistent are his college favorites.
"My top 3 or 4 schools are Mississippi State, Pittsburgh, Clemson and vanderbilt," said Voytik. "And it's been that way for awhile now. I am still planning a summer decision, hopefully before my senior year starts up. I guess I am looking for the overall feel of these schools, what kind of degree I can get and what offense fits me and what coaching staff fits me.
"I've thought about majoring in pre-law or pre-med, too. I am going to watch some of my dad's surgeries this summer to see if that's what I want to do. So my major may be one of those two things."
And speaking of finding the right offensive fit, Voytik noted a couple of schemes are comfortable to his liking.
"I like the spread look and that is what our high school runs," said Voytik. "And most of my top schools fit what I want to run with the spread and the pro-style look. I think I also fit the pro-style look, too.
"For the most part, all of my top schools are even. So this summer, those visits will start to separate what school is for me and I hope to make a decision off that."