Titus Brown: The steal of Crooms first class

As a two-star recruit coming from Tuscaloosa, Titus Brown did not even have a scholarship from his hometown school. Since his freshmen year, Brown has been a man on a mission and will start his last journey as a Bulldog when State hosts LSU this Thursday in a nationally broadcasted game.
As a part of Croom's first class, Brown was one of many to play their true freshmen seasons. He has played 31 of 34 possible contests, and brings a wealth of maturity and leadership into his senior season.
"First of all, I wanted to change the mentality around here, and to do that I had to change my ways," he said. "You know as you get older, you learn to make better decisions and I think that's all I did and will try to continue to do. I might see a guy doing something wrong, and I'm at the point where I can tell him don't do this or don't do that. In order for me to lead, I have to practice what I preach. So I think it starts with me personally to accept that responsibility of being a leader."
The senior, who has been showered by accolades by themedia, is not one to brag about the praise.
"I try not to look at all that stuff; games are played on the field," he said. "That stuff doesn't mean anything to me; I could care less where they rank me or what people think of me. I leave that for the fans to read. At the same time, I think it's a blessing for the media to rank me up there with some of the best in the conference, but those are personal accolades, I'm striving to get my team the same kind of attention I'm getting."
Being one of the seniors that has been with Coach Croom since his arrival, Brown has been through some ups and downs, but through it all he has learned some valuable things.
"I think maturity comes with age, I am going into my senior season now and I know how to handle myself on and off the field. I've seen it all. I've seen some good players not make it with bad character and I've seen some bad players make it with good character, but I've seen more players succeed with good character than with bad. I've learned a lot of the years about handling myself as a man, that goes way beyond football."
Last year during the middle of training camp, Brown lost his father unexpectedly. Between practicing and traveling back and forth to and from Tuscaloosa to visit his father daily, you never heard him complain. Now with his father being gone for over a year he reflected on what he learned from him.
"It changed my life a lot, because my dad was all I had; my mom had passed early on in my childhood," Brown commented while looking at the sky. "I really grew up after his death. My dad was a hard worker and I know he wouldn't accept anything but the same from me. I try to mirror him everyday, and live my life like him."
As his last go around gets kicked off soon, Brown only has a few things that he would like to achieve in his senior season.
"Basically I just want to have a winning season and go to a bowl game," Brown concluded.