This Week in MSU Football Week 10: Stats on Stats

Mississippi State is coming off a 28-22 win against Kentucky for the first victory of the season in SEC play. MSU now turns its attention to the toughest part of the schedule starting with a matchup at #14 South Carolina.
This Week in MSU Football is a statistical look at nearly every category possible the MSU ranks in the top 10 in the SEC.
Individual Defense:
Tackles: Benardrick McKinney- 24th (46)
Deontae Skinner- 25th (45)
Interceptions: Nickoe Whitley- T-2nd (3)
Interception Yards: Love- T-4th (70)
Whitley- T-9th (42)
Interceptions Per Game: Whitley- T-1st (0.50)
Interception TDs: Love- T-2nd (1)
Special Teams:
PAT %: Devon Bell- 10th (95.7)
Punt Returns: Jameon Lewis- 9th (8)
Kick Returns: Lewis- T-9th (12)
Kick Return Yards: Lewis- 8th (296)
Kick Return Avg: Lewis- 4th (24.7)
Interceptions: Prescott- T-8th (3)
Passing Completions: Prescott- 10th (86)
Passing Yards: Prescott- 10th (1,158)
Yards-Per-Completion: Prescott- 7th (13.5)
Passing Yards Per Game: Prescott- 9th (165.4)
Rushing Yards: Prescott- 12th (490)
Rushing Yards Per Game: Prescott- 11th (70.0)
Yards Per Rush: Prescott- 15th (6.1)
Rushing TDs: Prescott- T-7th (8)
Receptions: Lewis- T-13th (30)
Receptions Per Game: Lewis- T-8th (4.29)
Reception Yards: Lewis- 14th (446)
Receiving Yards Per Game: Lewis- 8th (63.7)
Reception TDS: Lewis- T-7th (4)
Total Offense: Prescott- 8th (235.4)
Total Yards: Prescott- 9th (1,648)
Total Yards Per Play: Lewis- 1st (11.7)
Total Plays: Prescott- 8th (230)
Total TDs: Prescott- 9th (13)
All-Purpose: Lewis- 6th (122.0)
Scoring: Prescott- 4th (8.6)
Team Top 10 SEC Rankings Offense:
(Least Amount) Sacks Allowed: T-7th (14)
Time of Possession: 2nd (33:44 min. per game)
Red Zone Offense: 4th (25-29; 19 TDs; 6-9 FG; 86.2%)
First Downs: 9th (166)
Rushing 1st Downs: 8th (79)
Passing 1st Downs: 9th (79)
Third Down Conversions: 10th (38-96; 39.6)
Turnover Differential: 3rd (+4)
Pass Offense: 9th (250.6 ypg)
Pass Attempts: 10th (214)
Pass Completions: 9th (129)
Pass Yardage: 9th (1,754)
Completion %: 10th (60.3)
Pass Yard Per Comp.: 6th (13.6)
Pass Yard Per Att.: 9th (8.2)
Passing Efficiency: 8th (138.3)
(Least Amount) Pass Interceptions: T-4th (5)
Rushing Offense: 7th (205.4)
Rushing Yards: 10th (1,438)
Yards Per Rush: 8th (4.9)
Rushing Yards Per Game: 9th (206.2)
Rushing TDs: T-7th (18)
Total Offensive TDs: 10th (27)
Total Offense: 9th (456.0 ypg)
Total Offensive Yards: 10th (3,192)
Scoring Offense: 10th (30.1 ppg)
Yards Per Play: 8th (6.3)
Team Top 10 SEC Rankings Defense/Special Teams:
Field Goals Attempted: T-5th (12)
Kickoff Return Yardage: 9th (422)
Kickoff Return Avg: 1st (31.2)
Net Yards Per Punt: 9th (37.6)
Yards Per Punt: 6th (43.3)
(Least Amount) Opponent 1st Downs: 3rd (109)
Opponent 4th-Down Conversion: T-5th (6-12; 50.0%)
Opponent 3rd Downs: 4th (34-98; 34.7%)
Opponent Penalties: 9th (33 for 300 yards)
Pass Defense: 5th (212.6)
Rushing Defense: 7th (146.3)
Passing Efficiency Defense: 7th (124.0)
Scoring Defense: 6th (22.9 ppg)
Total Defense: 5th (358.9 ypg)
Interceptions: T-8th (5)
Interception Return Yards: 6th (119)
Interception Return Avg.: 3rd (23.8)
Interception TDs: T-5th (1)
Fumble Recoveries: T-7th (5)
Fumble Return Yards: 1st (26)
Fumble Return Avg.: 1st (26.0)
Individual Game Highs for the SEC
Longest Rush: Prescott vs. Bowling Green- T-2nd (75)
Yards Per Catch: Lewis vs. Troy- 2nd (48.0)
Interceptions: Whitley vs. Auburn- T-1st (2)
Interception Return Avg.: Whitley- 1st (21.0)
Interception TDs: Love- T-1st (1)
Team Game Highs for the SEC
Points: vs. Troy- T-2nd (62)
Rushing TDs: vs. ASU and Troy- T-2nd (5)
Longest Rush: vs. Bowling Green- T-2nd (75)
PATs Attempted: vs. Troy- T-2nd (8)
PATs Made: vs. Troy- T-1st (8)
Interception TDs: vs. Troy- T-2nd (1)
Fumble Recoveries: vs. ASU- T-2nd (2)
Blocked Kicks: vs. OSU and Alcorn State- T-1st (1)
Low Opp. Long Rush: vs. ASU- 1st (6)
Low Opp.1st Downs: vs. ASU- T-1st (6)
Low Opp. 1st Down Rushing: vs. ASU-T-1st (1)