Safety or receiver for Thompson

Receiver or safety? That is the question Pearl (Miss.) junior D.J. Thompson often hears from Division I programs. And it is a good question considering Thompson's abilities on both sides of the ball.
In 2010, the 6-foot-4 and 195-pound Thompson had 45 catches for 809 yards and 12 touchdowns. Defensively, Thompson finished with 36 tackles and four interceptions.
"Since I have done well at both positions, most schools ask me what position I like the most," said Thompson. "And I always tell them receiver. I have good speed at safety but I just think I am better at receiver.

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"I did well at both spots this spring again and I had three touchdowns in our spring game. I was much faster ahd stronger in my slants this spring and it came easier to me."
Thompson noted he has verbal offers from Mississippi State, Ole Miss, Southern Miss, Memphis and Louisiana-Lafayette. He also added numerous other schools paid him a visit over the past month.
"There were a lot that came by," said Thompson. "Miami, Alabama, Mississippi State, Ole Miss, Southern Miss, Arkansas, Arkansas State, Memphis and Louisiana-Lafayette were all there at some point."
Among his offers, Thompson said he wasn't "leaning" towards any school but did note he has a better relationship with one in-state coaching staff.
"I am not leaning towards any school right now," said Thompson. "But I do have a better relationship with Southern Miss because I know their coaches a bit better. At first, Southern Miss was recruiting me the hardest. But now everybody has been on me pretty hard since our spring game."
And that "everybody" also includes the other two in-state programs.
"For some reason, I think Ole Miss wants me as a safety," said Thompson. "They signed some big-time receivers last year and I've heard they just want one receiver this year.
"Mississippi State also talks pretty good with me and I talk with them a lot. I do wish they threw the ball a bit more than they did last year. I think that may change once (Dylan) Favre gets in there or (Tyler) Russell. But I do think I could help them out early at receiver and we just have to see how that goes."
Thompson added that he hasn't made any summer camp plans just yet and will start looking at his options later this month.
"I haven't really decided yet," said Thompson. "I just have to look at the costs of these camps and then look at it a bit harder later on."