Rivals 250 Running Back Chooses MSU at Big Dawg Camp

It's been rumored for the last month that Rivals 250 four-star running back Nick Gibson was nearing a decision in Mississippi State's favor. After going off the grid for most of that time since his last visit to Starkville, Gibson made it official at Big Dawg Camp when he committed to the Bulldogs.
"I almost committed last month when I visited," Gibson said. "My dad and grandma gave me the okay to commit because they loved everything about the visit, but they felt like it was unfair to my mom since she wasn't there. We made sure my mom was here for this trip and it was great."
"It's a great moment," Gibson said of his commitment at Big Dawg Camp. "MSU knew I wanted to be part of the family and I joined that family tonight. Everybody gets treated like family and I already feel like I'm a part knowing most of the players and being close with Cory. I just feel at home here."
One of the big reasons that Gibson felt MSU was the choice for him is his relationship with Geoff Collins who's been recruiting the talented running back for quite some time. It wasn't until he visited for a junior day that he really had his eyes opened to Starkville and the Bulldogs.
"I knew coach Collins, he's been recruiting me since ninth grade," Gibson said. "He's just a good man, an open man and cool. He seems truthful and respectful and all the other players say he's cool. He treats them like his son. He is a cool guy. Very open and crazy, but a cool guy."
"MSU was the first offer that I got so I knew a lot about them. They've changed a lot in facilities since I was there, though. I was shocked."
One of the nation's best backs from Pinson Valley, Gibson makes up an already impressive group of Bulldog backers that are already on campus and that are a part of the 2015 class. He believes that the Bulldogs will utilize him in a number of ways. As the nation's 109th best player, even he knows it won't be given to him.
"There's going to be a lot of competition and I'm not scared to compete," Gibson said of the future rotation. I'm about to be in the SEC and I know you have to work for everything. I'm going to have to earn everything I do and I'm looking forward to that." [rl]
"They see me as a balanced back with strength and speed that can do a multitude of things,"Gibson said. "I personally feel like I can be the greatest back ever to come through Starkville it's all about hard work."
Now that the decision is over for the big-time running back, he's ready to focus on his final season in a high school uniform as well as working on the Bulldogs' 2015 class.
"Just to know they were very interested in me the whole time and I loved them back just makes this special. Now I'm just relieved that I don't have to talk to any more coaches. I can focus on everything else and just play ball and help build this class. This is a big year for us and hopefully we end up with a national championship the next few years."