Perkins plans visits to Egg Bowl rivals

In June, Forrest County (Miss.) High School's Adarrius Perkins felt good about his performance at one of Mississippi State's camp sessions. This weekend, the 6-foot-2, 195-pound defensive back is hoping to have a similiar showing.
Perkins plans to camp at Mississippi State and Ole Miss this weekend.
"I kinda put up the numbers I wanted to at (Mississippi State's) first camp," noted Perkins. "But I am not sure if I run close to my first forty time because I recently hurt my ankle a bit at a 7-on-7 event. But I do expect to have a lot of fun again and I know there will be a lot of competition there wanting to show out. So I know I have to show out, too, and mix it up with the big dawgs."
In his recruitment, Perkins said he owns offers from MSU, Ole Miss, Southern Miss, Arkansas, Tennessee and Arkansas State. He has been able to check out three of those schools this spring and summer and said those trips helped him.
"I am getting close to knowing if some of these schools are ones I would want to go to," said Perkins. "I have only seen Mississippi State, Ole Miss and Southern Miss. They are all great places and the ones I am looking at right now."
Regarding that decision, Perkins said he is in no rush and wants to take his time weighing the pros and cons of each program recruiting him.
"It is all about the same and I am just going with the flow," said Perkins. "I don't have just one favorite school. But when I get that right feeling and have my mind made up, I will decide and then not worry about it anymore."
And there are several factors that will help play a role in his college decision, Perkins added.
"Distance may play a factor and I don't want to be real far from home," said Perkins. "And all of the in-state schools are not that far from home. I am also looking at all these coaches to see who I will be working with. And then I am seeing what teammates will be around me in college and see if I have a good bond with them."