Mississippis top OL commits to MSU

Mississippi State entered the season hoping to bolster its offensive line and got a big boost on Saturday when Caledonia OL Derek Sherrod made his pledge. What made the four-star lineman pick State?
"I went up there and I vebally committed to Mississippi State," he said. "When I first arrived there I immediately went and talked to coach Croom and told him I verbally commited and I wanted to be a Bulldog. It's history from that point.
"Oh man, he was so excited. He gave me a big hug and told me he was really glad that I officially joined the Bulldog family.
"I feel really comfortable at Mississippi State and I feel that me, as well as my fellow commitments, we can really make things happen at Mississippi State and really make a difference there. Just bring a lot of wins there."
Two reasons played the biggest role in getting Sherrod to become a Bulldog. The first being his brother, Dezmond Sherrod, a current MSU tight end.
"I would probably say that my brother playing at Mississippi State was one of the biggest factors, because if it wasn't for him playing there, I probalby wouldn't have been involved with Mississippi State as much in the last year," he explained. "I went to go see him play, but I also saw everybody else play and I saw the coaches. I know that everything would have probably been different if my brothetr wasn't at Mississippi State."
The second factor was the bond he formed with three other recruits at a MSU camp this summer. Addison Lawrence had aleady committed to State, but Quentin Saulsberry and Colton Jenkins committed soon afterwards, and the four had become known as "The Four Horsemen" at the camp. It appears that name will be in use for the next four to five years now.
"I'd say that it was really important to me because at the other schools I really didn't get a chance to meet any of the the commitments that were committed to the other schools, but I got a real good chance at Mississippi State's football camp to bond with one of the commitments and to other prospects at the time and felt really comfortable with them and being thier teammates," h said. "I saw a lot in them that I liked in their playing style and I thought if they were committing then this was my chance to be a part of something great."
Sherrod has yet to set an official visit date to MSU, but feels at this point that will be his only one. Sherrod makes Stae's 21st public commitment.