Mississippi State gets a boost in the backfield

After some rough and unstable months at Tulane after Hurricane Katrina, running Christian Ducre finally made his arrival to campus. Now he's allowed to start his waiver process, because he officially a student at Mississippi State.
The aftermath of Hurricane Katrina was too much to bear for running back Christian Ducre, but now looks to move forward with Mississippi State. He decided to transfer after Tulane dropped his academic interest.
"I didn't declare my major, but I wrote Computer Science and Exercise Science as an interest. They dropped both of those majors. That's why the waiver shouldn't have any problems.
"It took long enough. I've been waiting for this the whole summer. Tulane was so unstable and I'm just happy to get out of there," he said.
While waiting for his clearance he had to take courses to be eligible.
"I had to take two correspondence courses. I got two A's out of those classes," he explained.
As the Bulldogs were practicing their craft, Christian Ducre was receiving clearance news from the NCAA. Next step for Christian and Mississippi State is a waiver for his special situation.
"I don't really know how the process works. From what I'm hearing it's supposed to be good right now. They just have to send it to the NCAA," he said.
Now that all the paperwork is over he can now focus on football and his academics.
"Some people think I'm elusive, but I want to be a power runner. One cut and get up field and get as many yards as I can," he commented.