Ducksworth getting close

Lelland Ducksworth made a return trip to Starkville for Mississippi State's Big Dawg Camp. With several of the states most wanted players in attendance, Ducksworth got to show the MSU coaches they type of player he can be.
Ducksworth left the coaches with a favorable impression and left with a favorable impression himself.
Ducksworth was impressed with the talent level on display in Starkville. While he already had an offer, he really wanted to make sure that he left the coaches knowing that they made a wise decision.

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"The camp was great," Ducksworth said. "There was a lot of good competition. There we some really good players. It was very organized and we all got to put in some really good work. I really liked the fact that all of the coaches knew who I was and kept yelling my name and encouraging me to do good."
A couple of the MSU coaches really stuck out in Ducksworth mind. Playing for these coaches is something that Ducksworth can see in his future. They have some qualities that Ducksworth and his family really like.
"My recruiting coach is Coach Tony Hughes," Ducksworth said. "He is a great guy. He is a very humble, christian man. I call and talk to him all the time. Every time we talk he asks to speak to my mom. He really wants to get to know my family. Coach (Geoff) Collins is the kind of coach that I want to play for. He pushes me very hard. He doesn't sugar coat things and say that I am the world's best player or anything. He tells me if I come there that I will have to work hard and earn everything I get. I wanted to be pushed so he is exactly the kind of coach I need."
Ducksworth has decided that he will not wait much longer to make a decision. When the time is right he will let his decision be known.
"I am not the kind of player that's going to wait until to end of the year and cause a lot of drama," Duckworth said. "When I feel comfortable, I am going to do it. I would say within my first three or four games. I want to evaluate everyone. I don't want to name a leader or anything. I have told everyone that. I want to see if I can get a few more offers, then I will decide. But I really do like a couple of schools."