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Busy summer for Trolinger

Most football fans think of summer as a "down time" for players at every level. But that is far from the case with high school prospects trying to juggle camps and team workouts. For much of the summer, East Coweta (Ga.) High School tight end Cole Trolinger has been remaining active on both fronts.
"I have been to Mississippi State, Florida State and Boston College camps and that was last month," said the 6-foot-4 and 235-pound Trolinger. "Then I went to Tennessee last week for camp and then I am going back to Mississippi State for the Big Dawg Camp and that will be it.
"It's been real busy and as soon as I get home from camps, I go straight to my regular team workouts. My body is getting used to it all and it is a lot of fun and well worth it."
Another benefit, said Trolinger, of staying busy this summer is improving his game at his position.
"I feel I have improved a lot," said Trolinger. "I get through my routes better now and I have good separation in those routes. I think I have surprised some coaches, too. At first most were recruiting me as an attached tight end. But some feel I can also split out wide and do both roles."
And with his summer camp stops, Trolinger noted three schools are showing him steady interest.
"I feel confident that I can earn an offer from Mississippi State at the Big Dawg Camp if I do well," said Trolinger. "Florida State and Tennessee may also be close and I have been in contact a lot with the coaches at Florida State and Mississippi State.
"I get frequent letters from Coach Geoff Collins and Coach Dan Mullen at Mississippi State. They tell me they want me to be part of the Bulldog family and help them win an SEC championship."
Also showing Trolinger interest are the likes of Duke and Boston College, he said. He also added that he holds no current leader and said whoever offers first could have a major impact with his recruitment.
"They are all about even and I have positives about each school and there is no true leader right now," said Trolinger. "I am just seeing who might offer first. I want to make sure I like these campuses and coaching staffs. And I like all of the coaches recruiting me and I have a good bond with all of them."
If those offers do come down later this month, Trolinger said he may not take long to make his college decision.
"I probably won't take too long if I get some offers," said Trolinger. "I would like to be committed somewhere before the season starts."