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Bulldogs return amidst tornado watch

The Bulldogs returned to the practice fields Monday after their first scrimmage Saturday in which some of the south's top juniors were in attendance. Coach Croom returned after missing the scrimmage, battling illness, most likely caused by last week's practice in the rain.
"Anything is better than I was, but I'm not 100 percent yet," Coach Croom said.
Croom came in late and took a seat under the goal post at the Palmeiro Center, Bulldogs' indoor practice facility. He hardly moved except for maybe two occasions to correct an offensive lineman and to give Robert Elliott a pointer and he was finishing a drill.
"Just observing practice today, it was good to sit back and look at things," he said. "I thought our intensity is good particularly this early in the spring, but we had too many balls on the ground. We are not finishing things as well on either side of the ball like I thought we did early. Some guys are just not finishing plays as well as we need to do that.
"We still missed a lot of things execution-wise, some guys are not making plays when they have the opportunity to and that has got to change or they are not going to play.
"Overall I like our work ethic, guys always catch your eye like Robert Elliott and Wade Bonner are the two new guys that really catch your eye. Wilder has done some good things, Karlin Brown has done some good things, Green and Jamie Jones; the young guys are starting to show up a little bit better than they were earlier. Hopefully they will stay healthy and we can get them a lot more work this spring."
Injured Bulldogs:
Jimmy Holmes shoulder
Brandon McCrae toe
Brandon Cooper back
Charles Burns shoulder
Practice Notes:
O'Neal Wilder continues to make circus catches. Had some one handed catches over the defensive backs in 1 on 1 drills.
• The secondary continues to make its claim for best unit on the team. Glanton, Pegues, Fitzhugh, and O'Quinn all made nice plays in 1 on 1 drills. Damein Anderson is learning real fast, coaches want him to be more aggressive.
• Carroll seems to be progressing, he made some nice throws! Relf has a cannon, he makes throwing look effortless.