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Bulldogs pick up quarterback

MSU was looking for a quarterback this year and added one to the commitment list early in the process when Montgomery Caver signal caller Chris Relf opted to cast his lot with the Bulldogs. What made him choose State and what does he bring to the table?
"The coach said he was supposed to be coming down here Monday, and I am going to talk to my coach tomorrow to see if he can put it in the newspaper and stuff," Relf commented. "Coach McCorvey said I could go ahead and commit, and I talked to the head coach and he said I could go ahead and do it too.
"It is official now.
"My brother is going to attend Alcorn this year in Mississippi and I just wanted to be close to my brother, and I just like the school and the coaches. I talked to the coaches on Thursday and I liked how he was talking and decided to commit."
Relf is currently 6-foot-3 and 206 pounds and has been recently clocked at 4.8 seconds in the 40-yard dash. He passed for 1,400 yards and 13 touchdowns in a wing-t offense, but feels next year will be his year.
"This year coming up we are going to run the spread offense and they are going to build the offense around me," he said. Big words from the mouth of the player was already the MVP on offense as a junior.
"I am hard working, determined, and smart," he added. "I like Vince Young. I like how he runs." He considers himself a drop-back, throwing quarterback.
Who did he choose State over?
"I was looking at Vanderbilt, Auburn and Alabama, but Mississippi State was the only offer I had," he said. "I talked to the head coach and he said if I am ready I am going to start as a freshman, but I got to be ready. I got to learn the plays and be ready.
"Sylvester Croom, he came down to my school, the head coach at Mississippi State. I think it was Tuesday. He called yesterday but I wasn't here. They just called today." Coach Woody McCorvey is in charge of recruiting Relf.
Relf maintains a 2.8 GPA and will take the ACT for the first time in June, He has already passed the Alabama exit exams.