Bulldog Sports Radio and Bulldog Blitz Partnership

With the growing popularity of internet radio, Bulldog Blitz and Bulldog Sports Radio announce a partnership with the beginning of a radio show to be presented on the app and as premium content within Bulldog Blitz. Beginning the week of August 5, Robbie Faulk and Trevor Pruitt will co-host a show that brings MSU fans recruiting news and message board topics as well as content that caters to the fans; including interaction within the show.
Co-founder and director of programming for the VSporto Network, Kellen Farmer, issued a statement regarding the new relationship and is excited about the direction of the partnership. "We're really excited about this show for a number of reasons," Farmer says. "Being able to partner with a Rivals site is great, but even more than that I'm excited about what Robbie and Trevor bring to the table individually and collectively."
The show, airing twice a week on Tuesday and Thursday mornings, will be set to bring the VSporto network and Bulldog Sports Radio something that has never been used and the plans are in place to bring Bulldog fans something new and exciting that they can all get behind.
To show Bulldog fans just how much interaction they get with the show, Bulldog Sports Radio is also offering a free t-shirt for the fan that delivers the best name for the show. BSR is looking for a catchy and creative name to use for the show that will reflect Trevor and Robbie as well as Bulldog Blitz.
"I'm looking forward to providing our listeners with a unique angle on Mississippi State recruiting and mixing that with interesting stories that really speak to die-hard Bulldog fans," Farmer proclaims.
As always, the Bulldog Sports Radio app is free to all Android and iPhone users at Google play and the app store respectively. For more information on BSR and the shows that air, visit
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