Bulldog Commit Remains Firm

"I'm still there with them," commented three star linebacker Ken Griffith (6-3, 240, 4.8) on his commitment to Mississippi State. "Even though they are losing and stuff, my word is good. If I could sign right now I would. I mean I am going to be there regardless of whether they win or lose or whatever."
Ken says he is not a man of words, but one of action, and will have to wait until next season to help out his new team. "I can’t say anything great right now, but when I get up there I am going to help turn the team around," he said.

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He says he has heard some negativity throughout the Bulldog community, but is not going to let that discourage him, because he just loves the Bulldogs. "After Saturday I got mad, too, because I couldn’t believe they were playing that bad," he said. "But this is what I have been wanting for years, and now that I have the chance I am not going to let some fans bother me.
"I mean I not going to let that stop me from coming up there. I gave my word, and I am going to stick by my word, and that’s where I am going to school."
During September Griffith has continued to receive calls from West Virginia, Ole Miss, Southern Miss, South Carolina, Georgia, and Clemson, in addition to Mississippi State. "They still call me and everything," he said. "They know I am committed, but I guess that doesn’t bother them." He has received offers from South Carolina, Mississippi State, and West Virginia.
He has already attended the Southern Miss - Jackson State and Mississippi State - Jacksonville State games, and will travel to Oxford tomorrow. "I am going to that one," he said with a laugh. "I am going up there to see Florida."
Ken credits a former Brandon teammate and current Bulldog for his popularity. "If it wasn’t for Jerious (Norwood), they probably wouldn’t have known who I was," Ken commented.
"College coaches would come to the games to see him play, and I took this as my chance to say, 'Hey this is my chance to get known.' Then when Coach Sherrill came I had like 16 tackles.
"I had to, I mean Jerious did his thing, but it wasn’t a problem, because I was on the other side, and I guess I stood out to him. That is where I had wanted to go to college regardless, and I owe that to him, because if it wasn’t for Jerious, I might not be known like I am now."
"I had 14 last tackles last Friday," Ken commented on his production on the season. "I should be right around 55 or something like that."
A second team all state tight end selection as a junior, he has also seen some time on the offensive side of the ball this year. So far he has three catches for 110 yards and two touchdowns, including a 68 yarder.
"I've still got a chance to play both (linebacker and tight end in college), but I really haven’t talked about the tight end part," Ken said. "Really this year I am playing more than I thought I would play.
"I can block pretty good, but I would just have to get used to college. You can basically say I am a receiving tight end. They know when I come into the game that it is going to be a pass, but if they can’t stop you they can’t stop you. I am just trying to help my team win."
Ken is ready to dress in Maroon and White and help pull the Bulldogs out of their current slump. "I’ll even play receiver," he said. "I got some moves, I just don't have that break away speed. If they want, I'll play tight end. Anything that will get me on that field and win, and help the team win, I’ll do it."
Brandon goes into tonight with a 4-1 record, with it’s only loss coming at the hands of cross county rival, Northwest Rankin. "I couldn’t believe it," Ken said of the loss.
"Nothing went right. Fumbles, bad snaps, five yard kicks, man it was just pitiful. That was the worst week of my life." Brandon was ranked number one in one poll, and number two in the other going into that game, and now holds on the number five spot.
A player who loves a team and hates to lose as much as Ken does, can be nothing but an asset to a team looking for answers.