Brignone talks about his decision

The world of J.C. Brignone was turned upside down when Hurricane Katrina wiped out everything he knew, and in an effort to return things to normal as much as possible, he has opted to spend his college years back in his home state. Recently transplanted to Georgia, he returned to Mississippi over the weekend and that was where he made his intentions known.
"I just went up there for the Georgia game this weekend," he said. "I called up about two weeks ago and told them I wanted to come in on an official visit and I went to the game. I rode on the bus and went out to eat and everything. I came in just like a normal official visit.
"I went to the game, talked to the players after the game and then Sunday morning I had a meeting with coach Croom and I decided that was the place I want to be. They just made me feel the best."
While Brignone already had a pretty good idea about what he was going to do when he got to Starkville, one thing really stood out to him over the weekend and helped solidify his feeling.
"It was good because all the players took me in and I felt really wanted there and everything," explained. "It wasn't just the coaches. The team was telling me all that stuff and making me feel like I was a part of the team already. I didn't really think they were going to take me in like that but they did and I appreciated that.
"I had talked to a couple of people on a couple other visits, but just normal stuff. Deljuan [Robinson] and a couple of other guys from just meeting them in the meetings." Brignone was hosted by Dio Herrera, apparently a very good choice by the MSU staff.
"He's alright," Brignone said. "He was awesome. He's real nice."
So where does Brignone fit into the MSU scheme?
"They want me to come in, in July, and start working out and just roll into the system," he said. "They are going to put me right in on the interior D-line, like at noseguard."
Brignone said he is firm in his commitment, and has no intentions of going anywhere else.
"I may go to a couple more games over there, but I am not taking any more visits anywhere else," he said.
At 6-foot-1 and 284 pounds, Brignone runs the 40-yard dash in 5 seconds flat. He has a 340-pound bench max and a 565-pound squat max. As a junior, he was selected as a 4A all-state second team offensive guard by the Mississippi Association of Coaches. He is also and all-American wrestler and a fourth-place finisher in last year's state power lifting meet. He is also an excellent student with a 3.14 GPA and a 22 on the ACT.
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