This Week in MSU Football: Regular Season Stat Compilation

Mississippi State had to win the Egg Bowl to maintain the momentum that they had built under Dan Mullen. The Bulldogs defeated the Rebels to end the regular season and earn a bowl bid for the fourth-consecutive season, something that's never been done in MSU history. MSU now awaits its bowl selection coming up this weekend.
This Week in MSU Football is a statistical look at nearly every category possible that MSU ranks in the top 10 in the SEC.
Individual Defense:
Tackles: Benardrick McKinney- T-21st (70)
Deontae Skinner- 30th (61)
Kendrick Market- T-33rd (60)
Whitley- 50th (55)
Interceptions: Nickoe Whitley- 2nd (5)
Jamerson Love and Taveze Calhoun- T-7th (3)
Interception Yards: Calhoun- 2nd (101)
Love- 6th (78)
Interception TDs: Love- T-2nd (1)
Fumbles Forced: Tolando Cleveland and A.J. Jefferson- T-5th (2)
Fumbles Recovered: Beniquez Brown (2)
Special Teams:
Punt Returns: Jameon Lewis- 2nd (19)
Kick Returns: Lewis- T-10th (18)
Kick Return Yards: Lewis- T-11th (419)
Kick Return Avg: Lewis- 8th (23.3)
Yards Per Punt: Baker Swedenburg- 9th (42.5)
Field Goals Attempted: Devon Bell- T-7th(14)
Pass Attempts: Dak Prescott- 10th (239)
Passing Completions: Prescott- 9th (139)
Passing Yards: Prescott- 9th (1,657)
Passing Yards Per Game: Prescott- 9th (165.7)
Interceptions: Prescott- 8th (7)
Rushing Attempts: Ladarius Perkins- 15th (124)
Rushing Yards: Prescott- 11th (751)
Rushing Yards Per Game: Prescott- 10th (75.1)
Yards Per Rush: Prescott-15th (6.3)
Rushing TDs: Prescott- T-7th (11)
Receptions: Lewis- T-6th (55)
Receptions Per Game: Lewis- T-6th (4.58)
Reception Yards: Lewis- 9th (703)
Receiving Yards Per Game: Lewis- 11th (58.6)
Reception TDS: Lewis- T-11th (5)
Total Offense: Prescott- 6th (240.8)
Total Yards: Prescott- 8th (2,408)
Total Plays: Prescott- 5th (359)
Total TDs: Prescott- T-9th (18)
All-Purpose: Lewis- 10th (105.8)
Scoring: Prescott- 5th (8.0 points per game)
Team Top 10 SEC Rankings Offense:
Turnover Margin: T-3rd (+7)
(Least Amount) Sacks Allowed: T-6th (21)
(Least Amount) Penalties: 6th (62 for 485; 40.4 ypg)
Time of Possession: 2nd (33:06 min. per game)
First Downs: 7th (278)
Rushing 1st Downs: 4th (130)
Passing 1st Downs: T-6th (133)
Pass Offense: 7th (240.3 ypg)
Pass Attempts: 4th (399)
Pass Completions: 5th (235)
Pass Yardage: 7th (2,884)
Pass Yards Per Completion: 8th (12.3)
Pass Yard Per Att.: 10th (7.2)
Passing Efficiency: 10th (130.3)
Pass Interceeptions: T-10th (12)
Passing TDs: T-9th (15)
Rushing Offense: 10th (185.8)
Rush Attempts: 5th (481)
Rushing Yards: 10th (2,230)
Rushing TDs: T-6th (26)
Total Offense: 9th (426.2 ypg)
Total Offense Plays: T-3rd (880)
Total Offensive Yards: 9th (5,114)
Total Offensive TDs: 10th (41)
Scoring Offense: 10th (26.3 ppg)
Yards Per Play: 9th (5.8)
Team Top 10 SEC Rankings Defense/Special Teams:
Field Goals Attempted: 5th (20)
Kickoff Return Avg: 7th (21.5)
Punts: 7th (50)
Punt Yards: 9th (2,022)
Net Yards Per Punt: 10th (36.9)
Punt Returns: T-8th (20)
(Least Amount) Opponent 1st Downs: 4th (225)
Opponent 3rd Downs: 4th (59-166; 35.5%)
Opponent 4th-Down Conversion: 5th (8-16; 50.0%)
Opponent Penalties: 8th (62 for 541, 45.1 ypg)
Red Zone Defense: 9th (32-38, 84.6; 24 Tds, 8-9 FGs)
Pass Defense: 7th (215.2)
Pass Defense Efficiency: 10th (129.1)
Rushing Defense: 8th (151.1)
Scoring Defense: 8th (24.3 ppg)
Total Defense: 6th (366.3 ypg)
Interceptions: T-5th (14)
Interception Return Yards: 3rd (233)
Interception Return Avg.: 5th (16.6)
Interception TDs: T-5th (1)
Fumble Recoveries: T-4th (10)
Fumble Returns: T-1st (3)
Fumble Return Yards: 4th (31)
Fumble Return Avg.: 8th (10.3)
Individual Game Highs for the SEC
Interceptions Thrown: Prescott vs. South Carolina- T-2nd (3)
Yards Per Catch: Lewis vs. Troy- 2nd (48.0)
Interceptions: Whitley vs. Auburn, Love vs. Texas A&M and Calhoun vs. Alabama- T-1st (2)
Interception Return Avg.: Calhoun- 1st (26.5)
Whitley- 2nd (21.0)
Interception TDs: Love- T-1st (1)
Team Game Highs for the SEC
PATs Made: vs. Troy- T-2nd (8)
2-point attempts: vs. Texas A&M- 1st (3); vs. LSU, South Carolina and Auburn- T-2nd (1)
2-point attempts made: vs. Texas A&M- T-1st (1)
Punts: vs. Ole Miss- T-1st (9)
Interception TDs: vs. Troy- T-2nd (1)
Fumble Recoveries: vs. ASU and vs. Alabama- T-2nd (2)
Blocked Kicks: vs. OSU and Alcorn State- T-2nd (1)
Turnovers: vs. South Carolina- T-2nd (5)
Low Opp. Long Rush: vs. ASU- 1st (6)
Low Opp.1st Downs: vs. ASU- T-1st (6)
Low Opp. 1st Down Rushing: vs. ASU-T-1st (1)
OTHER NOTES: Dak Prescott has four 100-yard rushing performances this season good for the most in the SEC among quarterbacks and tied for the fourth-most in the league.