Four Star OL Commits to State

Mississippi State won its first battle of the trenches for the 2003 recruiting campaign tonight when Big Donovan Davis (6-7, 330, 5.3) from Callaway High made a commitment. After naming several schools as leaders earlier today, he said tonight, "I am down to one." Bulldog fans will be happy with his choice.
"I am going to Mississippi State," Donovan commented. "They have outstanding potential, and first of all they had my major, computer engineering. The potential there, with this past class and the one that is coming in, I am definitely looking at getting a national championship before I leave. I mean with this coaching staff they are bringing in, we are all going to grow together, and I think it is going to be very successful there.
"I was looking for a program that not necessarily was struggling, but a program that was looking to grow. It just seemed like the right place. I went there for the junior day, and I went there to camp, and felt good about it, and I just felt like it was the place for me. Hopefully Larry (teammate at Callaway, Larry Thomas) will commit, but his parents have been in Georgia."
"Big D" is secure in his decision and plans to stick to his decision. "I am cancelling all of the others (official visits) except State most likely. I feel there is no need in them wasting their money. I appreciate their offers and everything, but I feel this is the right thing to do."
With the recent upheaval in the coaching ranks at State, some may wonder why the top rated lineman in the state would decide to be a Bulldog. Donovan feels like the experience of the remaining staff is the key.
"Coach Sherrill said that we have a few guys lined up, and I trust his decision, because like everyone in the SEC you are going to do the best for your program. Him being the dean of the SEC coaches and everything, I figured he would do the best at trying to build his program for the next couple of years, so we will be a national contender. I plan to bring a couple of rings to Starkville over the next couple of years.
Although the Bulldogs have faltered over the last couple of seasons, the future continues to look bright. Players like Donovan added to the already young fold, makes State a team to be reckoned with over the next several years.