Croom praises offense

"We got really work on our running game. Our offense ran the ball well today. We ran it almost too well today. We have been working so much on our blitz package that we have not stopped the offense in the running game. We have to get back and tighten some things up in the run game, because if we do not stop the run we are not going to be able to blitz. The offense did run the ball better today and the offensive line blocked better.
"Michael Henig had an outstanding day. He threw the ball extremely well; he probably completed about seventy percent of his passes today. He looked very sharp in knowing where to go with the ball and taking what the defense gives him. He just threw the ball very well; he had a lot of zip on his passes.
"Omarr Conner continued to play well. Quinton Culberson had an outstanding day on defense. In the blitzed packages, he was bringing the heat and in the individual period, he had some good rushes on the quarterback. In both practices, he had an outstanding day.

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"Overall we keep getting a little bit better in some areas. If we do that each practice and stay healthy, we can make some noise. We got J. D. Hamilton a little work today even though he was in a yellow jersey, but her was back out here trying today.
"We need to get Calvin Wilson back out, when he doesn't practice he starts gaining weight and all that condition that he put in over the summer will be gone. We need all hands on deck right now. If everybody stays healthy, we will have a chance; if we start having a serious rash of injuries, we do not have that much depth around here. That could be a serious problem if we cannot keep our offensive line in tack," Coach Croom commented.
Keith Mills continues to impress. He made a one handed grab on the sideline this evening.
Tony Burks also looks comfortable. He made a one handed grab on a slant pattern today.
Tyler Threadgill did some good things. He was isolated a lot to use his speed.
Quinton Culberson was unblockable on pass rushing drills.
Andrew Powell looked good against the offensive linemen.
Michael Heard looks to be having fun. He manhandled a couple of double teams and joked with the guys about it afterwards.
Christian Ducre struggled on the blocking drills, but looked very explosive during the nine-on-seven drills.
Brandon Thornton continues to impress. Clearly the most experienced out of the tailbacks.
Justin Williams held his own on the pass blocking drills.