Bulldog Blitzs Top 25 for Mississippi

The summer camp circuit for Mississippi prospects has certainly created a shift in the rankings for the class of 2014. Here are my personal post-summer top 25 rankings with their commitments or who they are choosing between:
1. Rod Taylor- Ole Miss
2. Gerri Green- MSU
3. C.J. Hampton- Ole Miss
4. Breeland Speaks- Between Ole Miss and MSU
5. Markell Pack- Florida State
6. Jamoral Graham- MSU
7. DK Buford- Ole Miss
8. Jesse Jackson- MSU leads
9. Aeris Williams- MSU
10. Devin Voorhies- LSU
11. Grant Harris- Between MSU, USM, Nebraska
12. Ronald Walker- Ole Miss
13. Sammie Epps- Ole Miss
14. A.J. Moore- Ole Miss
15. Alfred Dickens- Ole Miss
16. Dayall Harris- Ole Miss
17. Tyler Putman- Ole Miss
18. Lashard Durr- MSU
19. Curtis Akins- Memphis
20. Dontavian Lee- MSU
21. Tito Windham- Oklahoma
23. C.J. Moore- Ole Miss
24. Trey Brown- USM, MSU and Ole Miss
25. Marcus Green- University of Louisiana Monroe
It will be an interesting Fall to see how the rankings will continue to evolve. Keep it here for updated rankings as the 2014 cycle treks on towards February 2014.