September 24, 2009

Bennett trims list

Madison, (MS) Madison Central defensive tackle Bryon Bennett has offers from teams in the Big 12, Big East, and SEC. His most recent offer came from a team in the northeast that usually does not venture to the Magnolia State.

Bennett, 6-foot-2, 250 pounds talked about his recently received Orange offer with

"I think Syracuse offered me maybe two or three weeks ago," Bennett said. "I was very excited, I knew that they were big time and I know that they are in New York and there is a lot of publicity there. I watched their first game when they lost."

Derrick Jackson is recruiting Bennett for Syracuse and the three star prospect talked about his relationship with the coach as well as what the Orange like about him.

"My relationship with Coach Jackson is pretty good, he calls now and then and he sends letters as well," Bennett stated. "They like my size, my get off, pursuit the ball I continue to chase, and more. He says that he likes what he sees and we will stay in touch."

The big defender does not know much about the Orange at this time, but he has some solid initial thoughts about the program.

"I figured it was big time football. I watched there game on TV for a little while and I imagine it is pretty big and nice there."

As mentioned above the Orange do not venture into Mississippi to often, so does Syracuse have a real shot at landing the prospect's signature in February?

"I think they have a good chance, a really good chance actually," Bennett added. "They play a lot of players on the defensive line and they like to rotate them and they told me a few seniors are leaving. I think that would be a good rotation to be in or be in a group or some rotation there."

Right now Bennett is ranked as the 28th best defensive tackle in his class and he attributes many parts of his game that make him a division one prospect.

"I am at defensive end and I think my get off is pretty special. I like to time the snap and get my first five steps into the backfield. I think my read is pretty good, I read pretty well. A few schools told me that they like how physical I am."

In high school Bennett plays defensive end and not defensive tackle, but a move inside is not a problem if it means more time on the field.

"I do not really have any problems moving. I think my main concern is rotation and playing time. If defensive tackle gets me more playing time that is fine."

Besides Syracuse there are some other programs making nice impressions as well and those schools along with Syracuse make up his top five.

"I would say Alabama is number one, Texas Tech is number two, Syracuse three, Ole Miss four, Kentucky or Arkansas at five. I put Syracuse at three because I do not really know much about them. I am pretty sure I am planning on catching a game up there and checking it out."

During the recruiting process Bennett has had a chance to make his own opinions about the schools on his list and he talked about the schools at the top of his list other than Syracuse.

Alabama: "So far with what I have seen on TV and stuff like that they are ranked and they play big teams. I think they are going to play Ole Miss one of these weekends and that is a pretty big game. Alabama plays hard and they play physical."

Texas Tech: "They constantly inform me on things and they tell me how they had an eight man rotation last year. Seven of their linemen are seniors and I think they are all leaving. I figure there would be a lot of playing time in that rotation."

Ole Miss: "They are close as well. They are ranked and they are close to home it is not to far."

The Rebels are also recruiting Bennett as a defensive end and that means a lot to the prospect.

"If I had to choose I would rather pick defensive end, but again playing time is very big to me."

What do the Orange have to do to move up Bennett's top five list?

"Just continue to do what they are doing and continue to inform me and let me know how their lines doing."

Now that football season is underway Bennett has talked about setting an official visit with Syracuse, but there is not a visit scheduled at this moment.

"He [Coach Jackson] told me to check my schedule and see which weekend will be free after my high school game. Maybe I will take a trip there maybe stay over night."

Has the defensive prospect made any recent visits to this point?

"Not really, I was planning on taking one to Arkansas, but I am still undecided."

A decision is not planned soon for Bennett as he is looking to take his time with his big decision.

"If not near mid-season then probably the end to see how the schools do and to see how the schools use their recruits and freshman, see if they get any playing time."

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