September 10, 2009

Allen a multitasker for Jackets

Georgia Tech running back Anthony Allen had a lot to be excited about last Saturday. He played in his first college game as a Jacket after sitting out the entire 2008 season following his transfer from Louisville. This week Allen has many things to work on because he will be starting at A-back, backing up Jonathan Dwyer at the B-back position because of injuries to Preston Lyons and Richard Watson and facing a much more dynamic defense. Jacketsonline caught up with Allen to see how he feels going into the challenges of the Clemson game.

What was it like shaking the rust off on Saturday?

"I need to get back into game shape, but it was nice getting out there in the stadium in a game playing."

How nervous were you when you lined up for the first time for that opening kickoff?

"I was on that opening kickoff return, so I got a nice little hit in to shake the bugs out and I was ready to go from there."

What was the biggest thing you needed to work on, after looking back at your performance last week?

"I need to work on playing full speed every play. When I am on the backside, I still need to chase the ball and I need to get some more people down to the ground."

How excited are you about getting a real test against Clemson on Thursday night in front of a major television audience?

"It is always a big game on a Thursday night because you are the only game on television. I am really excited about it and Clemson has some good players on their team and we have some good players on our team, so it is going to be a 60 minute battle."

What are the things the offense is focusing on this week to improve their performance and efficiency?

"We need to work on playing full speed on every play and getting more people to the ground while playing full speed."

Do you feel like there is work to do in the passing game in terms of the A-backs rhythm with Josh Nesbitt?

"The passing game is going to come. It was the first game and we are getting adjusted, but it will come."

You had a couple of misconnections with Nesbitt on Saturday in the passing game. What do you need to do to make those plays?

"It was just adrenaline kicking with Josh's arm and my legs kicking in. It will clean up this week."

Is there more intensity from the team this week in practice?

"You have to be excited because it is a conference rivalry game on Thursday night at home. It is a white out and all the fans will have white on, so of course we are going to be excited and you will see a lot more excitement out of the team, I promise you."

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