September 9, 2009

Todd erasing doubts

Chris Todd had already shown it in summer workouts. He did it over and over during fall practice.

But there were still lingering doubts, maybe not from his teammates or coaches, but certainly from a lot of Auburn fans who saw Todd struggle with his arm strength last season.

Even the biggest doubting Thomas, however, would have a hard time finding fault with Todd's opening game performance last Saturday against Louisiana Tech.

The senior completed 17-of-26 passes (65.4%) for 255 yards and two touchdowns. He didn't throw an interception and wasn't sacked.

He also showed he could make any throw in the playbook including hooking up with Terrell Zachery for a 93-yard touchdown pass, the longest play in Auburn history.

Most importantly, his arm held up just fine, showing no lingering effects from last December's shoulder surgery. Both after the game and after a long practice Tuesday night, Todd said his arm felt great.

"My arm feels fresh," Todd said. "We still take it easy on days we're supposed to take it easy. It felt pretty good. The ball was spinning pretty well the other night, so the arm's holding up pretty good.

"It was nice to be able to put the ball where I wanted to. When you're out there and you don't have to think, 'Am I going to get the ball there?' it kind of helps you in your timing and it helps you get more comfortable and get more confident."

A stronger arm. A new offense. A receiving corps that's starting to make plays. An offensive line that's coming off the ball and punishing defenses. It all adds up to a more effective and confident Todd.

His teammates can certainly see a difference.

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