September 7, 2009

Extra Points: San Jose State

Each year it seems a top team finds itself pushed to the limit by a lesser foe, and when the circumstances are just right, a monumental upset occurs.

It's hard to imagine that any game that ends 56-3 had any elements of an upset, but USC's win over San Jose State wasn't pretty for 15 long minutes.

After one quarter, USC actually trailed the Spartans 3-0, but instead of thinking of Appalachian State or any other Cinderellas, the Trojans showed patience.

"We knew it would just take a little time to get into the swing of things. It was just a slow start. It's happened to us in the past, and we know how to act. It's just a matter of time for us to come together," cornerback Kevin Thomas said. "You can't win a game in the first, second or third quarter. You can only win a game in the fourth. We just stick with the game plan and keeping give effort. If we make it deep into the second half, and it's looking rough for us, that's when we start to maybe worry."

It didn't look rough for long, as USC scored four touchdowns in the second quarter, but it might not have even taken that much. The Trojan defense stifled the Spartans, holding them to just nine yards rushing and a 112 yards passing.

"I think we (made a statement) for sure. I think the entire defense did," linebacker Chris Galippo said. "They have great coaches over there at San Jose State. They had a nice little scheme for us, and with the pressure that was on us in the first quarter with the offense coming out slow, I think we really stepped up. We took the ball away a couple of times and really shut them down."

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