September 4, 2009

Blount: I lost my head

Have you ever done something in the heat of the moment you regret the minute you calm down? LeGarrette Blount did after the Boise State game. Following a thoroughly frustrating game, Blount reacted to post-game smack talk with a punch. Minutes later outside the locker room, the Oregon senior had gathered his senses.

"I lost my head," confessed Blount. "A couple of their players came over and wished me good game and I wished them a good game back. Then a couple of their players came over and started pushing and then I just lost my head and lost my temper. I apologize. I apologize to everybody who was watching this. ESPN, national TV, all of our fans, all the Boise fans. It was something I shouldn't have done. I lost my head."

LeGarrette was frustrated all night as was the Duck offense. Oregon did not get a single first down until 7:07 left in the third quarter.

"We didn't execute our game plan," Blount observed. "We didn't play Oregon football and we didn't do everything we needed to do to win this game. The defense played tremendous. They were awesome. They gave us the ball a number of times and we just didn't do anything with it. We threw interceptions, we fumbled the ball, we got stopped on a number of third downs, and it wasn't Oregon football tonight."

From the teams' perspective, they had no forewarning how inept the offense would be.

"Everything in practice was going well," said Blount. "We did everything we needed to do to come out of this game victorious."

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