September 1, 2009

Practice Insider: Barkley earns Byers respect

It's a strange feeling. When Jeff Byers crouches down to snap the ball to Matt Barkley, it's a classic juxtaposition of experience.

There's Byers - a sixth-year senior - who has already earned one college degree and is a wink from a second - an M.B.A. no less. Then there's Barkley - USC's true freshman quarterback - who has never played in a collegiate football game.

Oh, and there's a slight age difference.

"It's scary to think about things like that. I try not to. I don't want think about that. It's scary. I'm being honest," Byers said. "I feel like a big nobody, a loser, because Barkley was like four when I was 20.

"When I was a freshman, he would've been in seventh grade. When I was a freshman in high school, he'd have been in third grade. Wow. It's scary."

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