September 1, 2009

Peeples embraces bigger role

When the Georgia Tech football team takes the field for the first time in 2009, the Jackets will have a different look at A-back. Starting A-back Roddy Jones is still recovering from a wrist injury so the Jackets will most likely turn to Embry Peeples to start alongside another new starter Anthony Allen on Saturday against Jacksonville State.

Peeples played in eight games as a true freshman rushing for 97 yards on 14 carries, but he expects to play a much bigger role this season.

"Things are going really well and Roddy has been helping me out along with the other boys," he said. "We all help each other on the field. This year we are going to have fresh legs that we can run into the game. It will be hard for the defense to key on one player. We have multiple weapons Jonathan Dwyer and us on the field. It is going to be really fun."

The five weeks of preparation time for Jacksonville State has been a little tedious at times for the team on both sides of the ball, but Peeples says that will make playing an opponent even sweeter on Saturday.

"It will be a lot of fun to get on the field with this potent offense against another team," Peeples said. "We are so used to our defense and cut blocking them, so it will be nice to do it to another team."

With 12 A-backs on the roster, Peeples says there are not really any specialists who do one particular aspect of the job better than another player.

"I think all of us are pretty solid all-around. We are all good at everything we do," Peeples said. "We have been pushing each other and working hard to make sure we finish every day. I worked on my assignments to make sure I get the right guy every time."

During his freshman campaign, Peeples struggled picking up the offense and he thinks it is a lot easier for the freshmen coming in now because the veterans like him have a good understanding of the playbook and the offensive scheme.

"The offense was really hard to learn at first, but once we started helping each other it got a lot easier," Peeples said. "Last year it felt like I was walking into a fire. Once people like Roddy and Lucas Cox started helping each other, it got a lot easier. This year I felt really good because I was able to help the freshmen learn the offense well."

The biggest thing Peeples is looking forward to the most are the throngs of Georgia Tech fans packed in Bobby Dodd Stadium.

"The fans are the best part of the game," Peeples said. "It is so great to see them jumping around and seeing them get excited makes me excited. There are going to be some major surprises and we are going to have a lot of fun this year."

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