August 20, 2009

Duckworth focused on improving

MADISON, Wis. - The Wisconsin football team brought in two wide receiver recruits in the past cycle. Of course, Kraig Appleton received plenty of attention, but fellow teammate Jeff Duckworth adds a bit to the unit as well.

Following a recent practice, caught up with the Ohio native. The following is a question and answer with Duckworth.

First of all, how are things going the first week and a half?

Duckworth: It's going pretty good. I'm enjoying it and getting better.

What's the transition been like, going from high school into fall camp?

Duckworth: It's just a lot more intense. You know, you got to get after everything, every drill going hard. It's just the speed of the game.

Is that one of the tougher things to get used to, the speed of the game?

Duckworth: I'd say just every drill. You're going, you're working.

You've been wearing the green jersey? What's the injury there?

Duckworth: Oh, I'm just recovering from a shoulder. I'm just working and getting better.

What was that injury?

Duckworth: It was a torn labrum. I'm just working on getting better.

What are you expecting to accomplish this first year? Are you trying to contribute this first year or has there been talk of a redshirt?

Duckworth: Just improve on my game individually and stuff. Work on individual skills and get better every day.

So far, you being in here, has anybody stood out to you as far as any of the other guys?

Duckworth: A lot of them. Isaac Anderson is one of the fastest guys I've ever seen. David Gilreath has the best hands I've ever seen.

Have any of them taken you under their wing?

Duckworth: Yeah, they all help us out.

What do they say to you guys?

Duckworth: Just give us all little tips. All the stuff the DB's are going to try to do, help you out with plays and all that kind of stuff.

Is grasping the playbook one of the toughest things coming into camp?

Duckworth: Yeah, kind of. I don't know, I'm kind of getting it down. Once you get going and stuff. It hasn't been too bad.

Are you worried about school starting up? Is it going to be a little bit tougher?

Duckworth: Not really. I took some summer classes. I kind of got those under my belt.

How many classes did you take?

Duckworth: Three. It was different. A lot more (intense). A lot more time.

You and Kraig as the freshmen wide receivers, do you kind of relate with one another?

Duckworth: Yeah, we're real cool. We study all the stuff together, watch film together and go to meetings together.

As an Ohio kid, there's a few other Ohio guys on the team. You see Chris Borland out there knocking people down, do you guys kind of hang out?

Duckworth: Yeah, we kind of all stay together, especially the ones in our class.

Is that kind of like Ohio pride?

Duckworth: Yeah, even like Jake Current and the older guys, we always talk about Ohio and stuff.

Finally, what are you expecting as far as your freshman year in general?

Duckworth: Just looking to get better, have fun and enjoy the experience.

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