August 18, 2009

Posey expected to take over reigns

COLUMBUS - Gone are the days at Ohio State where there is a veteran receiver holding down the No. 1 wideout spot, making things a lot more easier on the offense. Gone are the days where experienced receivers filled the depth chart for the Buckeyes. And gone are the days where there is a big-named, NFL Draft-ready receiver with star power gracing the Scarlet & Gray uniform every Saturday.

With that, here is where the work of sophomore wide receiver DeVier Posey begins.

Despite not being particularly experienced when it comes to regular season playing time - Posey only caught 11 passes in his freshman season last year for 117 yards - many expect him to step into the role as the No. 1 receiver this season, taking place of the departed Brian Robiskie.

There is obviously still uncertainty amongst the outsiders looking in, but the squad seems to be very confident in Posey's ability to pick up where Robiskie left off in 2008.

And frankly the Buckeyes are counting on him.

"I think he is a very good player and I think he is capable of doing that," junior slot receiver Dane Sanzenbacher said of Posey taking over the No. 1 receiver role. "We have confidence in him and we will just have to see how things work out."

Posey, who stands 6-foot-3 in stature, certainly looked the part of the No. 1 receiver during the commencement of fall camp, particularly because he reported that he had gained 10-12 pounds of muscle during the off-season. Now, Posey says he ways about 212 pounds.

Wide receivers coach Darrell Hazell has been quoted saying Posey is the unique blend of size, speed, and athleticism, but now the Buckeye offense is in need for the sophomore to step up out of the backup role and take control of the offense.

Last season there was plenty expected out of Posey - even though he was a freshman - but none of those expectations were really lived up to. To cut Posey some slack, Ohio State had some good receivers and the offense was in transition while freshman Terrelle Pryor took over the offense, but the fireworks Posey supposedly packs never were set off.

Now if that's going to happen Posey said he has to get more physical.

"I am doing my best not to pay attention (to the expectations) and I am keeping my head down and working hard," Posey said. "Everybody is fighting for playing time and everyone is trying to do something. I am doing my best to make my mark on the offense."

With the progression of Pryor continuing to move forward, many are also expecting the sophomore signal caller to spray receivers with passes this year after struggling a tad in the passing game last season.

Building a relationship with his receivers is certainly something that is a must, and when it comes to Pryor and Posey, that have done just that.

While the two didn't gain too much game experience last season, Posey and Pryor have a very strong relationship off the field which could transition into quite the duo once the season kicks off in a few weeks.

"(Pryor), that's my dude. We were roommates in the dorms and when we moved out of the dorms we were like next door neighbors," Posey said. "We have a connection that you don't really have with too many other people. Of course he throws to me on 7-on-7's, but we wont be able to tell anything for sure until we get through practice."

The question marks continue to loom in regards to both Posey and the receivers as a whole, but heading into fall camp Posey sported a noticeable confidence in what we can expect in September.

"I definitely am surprised about the talent that we have, but in a way I shouldn't because it's Ohio State," Posey said. "I feel like we can do some pretty big things as a unit."

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