August 9, 2009

Vandenberg learns the ropes

Last year was a learning experience for quarterback James Vandenberg as he redshirted and got better acclimated with the Iowa offense. This year, he will be seeing a different role as he is currently in a battle for the backup quarterback position. Vandenberg talks about his learning process, what the competition is like with John Wienke, and much more.

Q: Tell me about last year, coming in and redshirting. What was the whole year like for you?

VANDENBERG: I mean it was a great experience. Coming in day one, you kind of get blown away by some things, but you learn quickly. That's what they expect here and that's what you have to do. It was a great year overall. It was a great class of seniors to lead us, but I think we have a great group of core guys returning and hopefully it will be another exciting year.

Q: How's it different this year for you going in second team?

VANDENBERG: Well, I mean now officially you're not redshirting, so I'm going to go from doing scout team to preparing with the offense along with a bunch of other good guys. I mean I'm competing with John, but all guys are competing on second team, so you've got to kind of take that as your job and embrace it. You're one play away, so you've really got to be ready.

Q: What's it like having John going through all the same things with you?

VANDENBERG: It's been great. We're really good friends and we've been really tight all through it, which makes it a lot easier. I mean we're helping each other out here and there and we're trying to learn things together to catch up. It really helps when you have a guy like Rick too who is constantly giving us tips and telling how to do the little things to make it easier. So it's been great. I'm really good friends with both of them and I'm sure it will be an exciting year.

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