July 27, 2009

Jeff Owens Q&A

Jeff Owens was a busy man at Media Day.

Not only was he answering questions from the throng of reporters, but he played one as well, taking a video camera to film the festivities.

After tearing his ACL in the season-opener against Georgia Southern, Owens has gotten himself back to 100 percent and figures to be an integral part of the Bulldog defense this fall.

During his interview session with the media, Owens was asked all sorts of questions ranging from a variety of different topics.

What kind of effect did the preseason hype have on the team last year and what has it been like thus far this season?

"It's been a big difference this season. Before last season it was, 'Georgia this, Georgia that.' Hype can get to you and that was a factor with last season.

How disappointed were you with last season?

"The past is the past. We went 10-3. That's not a great season, but good enough. It was good enough to win and to win 10 games in the SEC, that's an accomplishment."

What do you think about Georgia's defense this season?

"I love our defense. We've got some news things for this season. To win games and be successful you have to play defense and stop the run, stop the run."

What do you think about Florida and its No. 1 ranking?

"Florida has a lot of talent returning, as defending national champions. They're the preseason No. 1. But we learned last year, hype is hype. It's not about the preseason.

What do you think about Tim Tebow?

"He's a great football player. I hope to interview him. Tebow has a lot of tools but we can get to him and rattle him."

What do you think about playing Florida in Jacksonville?

"I would like to change it up a little bit. I'd like to play it in the Dome then play in Jacksonville. Switch it back and forth would be great."

What was it like to going back to Florida after the team dropped last year's game to the Gators?

"That was a tough loss. I actually went to the game, tailgated, sat in the stands and was just a true Georgia fan that day. I remember it like yesterday. I go back home and everyone is like 'What happened? What happened? I said 'Did you watch the game? Well, you know what happened.'''

Does what Florida has done lessen what Georgia has been able to accomplish?

"They won the big games. They're a great football team and you can't take anything from them. We know that to be successful in this league you have to beat Florida. If you want to win the national championship or the SEC championship, you have you have to beat Florida.
How can you be successful against the spread?

"You've just got to have some guys who will just play football. You have to play with a lot of passion, a lot of fire and just get after the ball."

How do you go into Florida game this year? Will you remember the late timeouts and do you have anything planned?

"It's all business. We're going to go in, play hard-nosed football and give it all we've got. It's (the timeouts) something you never forget. When I'm 80 years old I'll never forget it."

What has the offseason been like thus far?

"It has been a lot different than last year. It's been a low-key off-season. I've stepped into my role of leadership. I challenge my teammates and we combine everything for the Georgia football equation of success."

From a defensive standpoint, what do you want to see turned around the most?

"I want us to be more consistent. Some games we played good, some games we played bad. To be successful, both on and off the field you have to be consistent."

What kind of weight are you pushing around now?

"We maxed out on squats and I maxed out at 600 on squats. We then maxed out on the bench press, I was going for the record but I maxed out at 545. The record was 565 (set by Ben Watson). I went for 570; I was going for the jugular. I went for it all."

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