July 22, 2009

Haynes and Franks were Waiting

While Sooner fans are certainly excited about the commitments of Orange (Texas) West Orange-Stark teammates James Haynes and Trey Franks it seems they could have had the news last week. Earlier in the day Franks said the 6-foot-1, 181-pound four-star defensive back was the reason he had hesitated to make his decision to become a Sooner public.

However, later in the day Haynes says that was only partly true.

"Trey and I announced at the same time but he wasn't ready to do it initially. I had been ready for a bit," Haynes said.

"Well he had mentioned it before but when I actually came to do it, he wasn't ready to do it. He wanted me to wait.

"It was last week when the school was honoring us for winning the state track meet. They had all the coaches there, our families, and he was like 'no, you made me wait, now you're going to wait!'"

The nation's No. 21 athlete, with 4.36-second speed in the 40-yard dash, says that when he took his trip to Norman he had a feeling he'd be back again. And when he took trips to numerous schools he found that while he enjoyed much about them they only confirmed his feelings about the Sooners.

"Everything was pretty equal in my eyes at first. I got to meet all the people. The coaches and players were telling me things, after a while I started getting real close with the coaches and started to realize I think this might be the place that I want to go," he said.

"Then when Trey got his offer and man all this stuff that I liked about one school he liked too. It all just came together. All my other places, I had good offers, but it's there place where I felt that I could stand out.

"Nothing really caught my eye like Oklahoma did."

So what did it mean to have Franks joining him in Norman?

"All I know now, I'm going to have somebody lost with me, that's a good thing," he laughed.

Haynes certainly won't get lost anywhere near Orange, but his family is supportive of his decision to get a bit farther from home.

"They really are supportive of me, they will be able to see some of my games. They are happy that I'm going somewhere and that I made my decision and am going to get out of Orange," he said.

Even if he took a bit of time with his choice he says he has the backing of all his friends and family and has already become something of a Sooner fan.

"I wanted to make sure I had it right in my mind; make sure that this decision was one that I wouldn't regret. I was online and looking around and got on Youtube and saw all the Oklahoma stuff. I just find out stuff about Oklahoma and man I had made my decision," he said.

And now Haynes has a fan of his own.

"We did it at the same time; when I spoke to coach Bobby Jack Wright. It was funny because he was saying he was getting his behind whooped in some golf, and his day wasn't going too good but it didn't matter how much he was getting whooped because his day was looking up."

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