July 16, 2009

Green sheds some light on his finalists

Grayson defensive tackle Shawn Green is a man of few words, but his actions on the football field speak volumes about his skill as a defensive tackle. Green will be making a decision about where he will spend the next four to five years of his life very soon and Jacketsonline caught up with him to see who the finalists for his services are and where he is headed this weekend.

Have you been able to narrow down your list?

I have narrowed it down and I have Florida State, Ole Miss and Georgia Tech.

What do you like about each of those schools?

At Ole Miss, I like the environment a lot. I am going to Florida State on Saturday to see what they are about. With Georgia Tech, I like their defensive scheme a lot.

Do you have a favorite school at the moment or a leader?

No, not yet.

When are you going to make your decision? Will it be before the beginning of your senior season?

I am thinking I will do it before my senior season.

How important is a winning tradition to you in the school you choose?

I would like to go to a school with a winning tradition because winning is pretty important to me.

How important are the academic standards for a school in terms of deciding where you go?

It is very important to me with the economy being the way it is to get a good education.

How important is early playing time for you?

That would be nice to have, but it is somewhat important, but it is not going to change my mind about anything.

Are you planning any other visits after the Florida State visit?

I will have already seen my top three schools. I do not plan to visit any more schools after this.

Does playing in-state standout to you when you look at Georgia Tech?

It does a little bit.

What made Ole Miss jump into your top three suddenly?

I like their campus, I like coach Houston Nutt and coach Terry Price the defensive line coach. They made my visit nice.

Do you stay in touch with the coaches at Georgia Tech?

Yes sir, I talk to coach Todd Spencer on a weekly basis.

What will it feel like when you finally make a decision and can put all this behind you?

It will feel good.

Have you enjoyed the recruiting process so far?

Yeah I have.

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