May 20, 2009

Fields says other schools still in pursuit

Dalton's Jalen Fields has been committed to Georgia for almost two months but that hasn't kept opposing schools from trying to convince him to change his mind.

According to the 6-foot-5, 250-pound defensive end, he's received calls from coaches almost every day during the current May evaluation period checking to see if he really plans to keep his word to Bulldog coach Mark Richt.

Fields' answer is always the same.

"They ask me if I'm still committed and I say 'Yes, sir,"" Fields told UGASports after practice. "They say, 'OK, fine, but we're still going to keep recruiting you.'"

One of the schools Fields hears from the most is Tennessee.

"They come out here just about every day," Fields said.

But don't worry Georgia fans; Bulldog coaches are keeping extremely close tabs themselves.

"Oh yeah, they call me all the time," Fields said. "They're keeping up with me just fine."

Still, Fields admits it gets a bit tiring having to continually keep telling recruiters the same story over and over again.

So much in fact, that Fields said that Dalton coach Adam Winegarden will occasionally run interference for him to avoid having to do so.

"Sometimes he'll get me out of situations before I have to talk to anyone," Fields said. "He'll get me out, saying I need to get back to class."

Actually, that wouldn't be a stretch.

Fields said he continues to work with a tutor approximately two hours every day in a continued effort to help get his math scores up to enable him to qualify to get into UGA.

"Math's just one of those things for me," he said. "I can study for hours, but it's still hard for me to get some of it. But I'm going to keep trying. It's tough, but I'll do it."

Fields is determined to get better as a player as well.

So far, so good: Fields said he continues to get better at using his hands, and reports that he's faster and stronger than he's ever been.

Of course, getting to go against 6-7, 280-pound tackle Watts Dantzler in practice every day doesn't hurt either.

Dantzler is just a junior but already has four offers and Fields admits to be bending his ear about joining him in Athens.

"I'm trying to get him to come with me," Fields said. "I'm trying to find a way for me and him to keep being teammates. I think Georgia would be a good fit for him, too."

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