March 25, 2009

Tyson Lee reacts to first practice

Dan Mullen has a history of coaching great quarterbacks at Bowling Green, Utah and Florida.

The first quarterback under his tutelage at Mississippi State will be returning senior Tyson Lee. Lee started the final eight games last season for the Bulldogs after walking onto the team last spring.

It was only one practice but Lee could already tell a difference under the new coaching staff.

"It was just intense the whole way through," Lee said. "From the time we got here and crossed the maroon line and until the time we crossed it back it was just non stop. It was good. The tempo is always up and that's what they stress from the weight room and onto the practice field is keep the tempo up and the intensity up."

Lee will be working with offensive coordinator and quarterbacks coach Les Keonning installing Mullen's spread offense this spring.

"It's been different," Lee said. "Obviously with the coaching change it is going to bring some different things. But I think we are learning and that (Tuesday) was a good learning day. There was lot of guys thinking (Tuesday. It's one thing to sit in a room and seeing things on paper but actually getting out there with defenses and people moving it makes a difference."

Lee has bulked up over the winter in the new strength and conditioning program. He has added an additional 10 pounds to his 5-foot-10 frame now weighing in at an even 200 pounds.

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