March 25, 2009

Coming back strong

Christian Robinson's teammates weren't the only ones surprised with his results recently in the power clean after lifting for the first time following the broken arm which sidelined him for most of last year.

The redshirt freshman impressed himself

"The first day I did the power clean I lifted the most since I've been here," Robinson said "It was like the second or third day and up until then I had just been working on pulls and everything, just the basics."

The backup linebacker cleaned 285 pounds three times.

I couldn't even rep that once before," Robinson said. "It's good to be getting back and getting healthy."

He's also bigger.

Robinson was a mere 202 pounds when he signed with Georgia out of Greater Atlanta Christian in 2008, but now the third-team Will linebacker says he's up to 220 and hopes to be at 225 once the season begins.

"Whenever somebody asks me about my weight I tell them 'you should have seen me when I first came in,'" Robinson said. "It's just great to be able to get in here and get bigger."

How much playing time Robinson sees this year remains to be seen. He's currently running third team at Will linebacker behind starter Rennie Curran and sophomore Marcus Dowtin, who continues to make tremendous strides and figures to be key component of Georgia's linebacker corps this fall.

"I'm just working as hard as I can to show the coaches that I can play," Robinson said. "I give my hardest every day. I know the system much better than I did a season ago and being around the program for a year now has really helped."

While Robinson hopes to move up the depth chart, he's just happy to be healthy after breaking his arm during special teams practice when his elbow cracked against the top of a teammate's helmet.

"At first I thought it was just a big bruise. I've had a bunch of forearm bruises before," he said. "But once I sat down, I realized this wasn't a bruise."

It was actually the second time Robinson broke his arm. As a youngster, Robinson broke his arm, one of a myriad of your average childhood-type injuries he suffered while growing up.

"I've broken a bunch of bones. I've broken a bone in my back, I cut my finger pretty bad, it's kind of been a rough road," Robinson said. "Just keep me away from sharp objects."

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