February 17, 2009

Stills picking up offers

There have not been many schools that have been as successful as Stanford at recruiting the QB position over the past two classes. While this is a terrific development for the Cardinal, there is no doubt that Coach Harbaugh knows that the only way for a quarterback to be successful is to have great offensive weapons surrounding him.

Over the past couple of months, it has become clear that the Stanford staff is eyeing Encinitas (CA) La Costa Canyon wide receiver Kenny Stills as one of their top offensive prospects for the 2010 class.

The last time CardinalReport caught up with Kenny, Stanford had just offered him a scholarship. Since then, his recruitment has continued to soar.

"I recently received offers from Penn St. and SDSU, and I have been talking to Cal a lot,"Stills said. "Oregon St., Cal, Penn St., Boise St, and SDSU are the teams that I have really been talking to recently."

According to the coaches recruiting him, it's the blend of speed and route running that makes Kenny such a coveted prospect.

"From what the coaches say, it's my speed and being able to get deep on the defense at all times," Stills told CardinalReport. "I take pride in my route running and going up and getting every ball. It's important to make sure that everything is clean and crisp."

Of the schools that he has been in contact with, it may the Pac 10 rival that is closest to offering.

"I think Cal is close to offering me. They are evaluating me pretty closely, and we talk a lot," Stills said. "I think they are waiting it out and seeing how everything goes, but it seems like they are close."

It seems that the Stanford coaches have been working closely with Stills, as the Rivals 250 member has started to build a great relationship with the coaching staff.

"I have talked with Coach Harbaugh a couple of times, just to touch base with him," Kenny told CardinalReport. "Then, less than a month ago, Coach (Willie) Taggart came down to my school and we talked for about an hour or so."

During this meeting, Coach Taggart and Kenny discussed much more then football.

"We talked a lot about lots of different stuff the day he was here," Stills said. "There are some academic requirements that I have to do, and we talked about what he has seen from me and what I need to work on."

Stills has taken the message from Coach Taggart quite seriously, as he is working to improve both on the field and in the classroom.

"Right now, I have been working on lots of power stuff," Stills said. "I want to be able to break a lot of arm tackles, and I want to be able to get off the press coverage like it's easy. I'm really trying to get stronger legs so I can run through the tackles and be almost untackleable."

Still is planning on making the necessary changes to improves his academics.

"He (Coach Taggart) told me that I mainly need to work on my schedule for my senior year," he said. "They told me I need to get above a 1400 on my SAT, and take at least two AP classes. I'm scheduled to take my first SAT in May and then another in June, and I already made my schedule for next year."

Next weekend, Kenny will take in his first Junior day, and he hopes his second will be at Stanford.

"I have not been to any Junior days yet, but I will be going to USC next weekend for my first," Stills said. "I really want to go to the Stanford Junior day (February 28), so I'm really just trying to get my money situation together so I can get up there."

For Stills, there are three very important factors that will help him make his final decision.

"I think my number one factor is being able to come in and compete to play right away," Stills told CardinalReport. "It's always important to get a good education, and I want to like the area where the school is."

One factor that will have no bearing on the decision will be the location of the school.

"I definitely want to be able to fit in on the campus, but location is not a big deal for me," Stills said. "I just want to fit in with where I am going and feel comfortable with the coaches."

At this point, Kenny has no desire to rush this important decision. However, he does admit that one school has emerged as a favorite for his services.

"I know that I am going to wait as long as I need to for my decision. I'll wait until Signing Day if I have to.

"Right now, I would say that Stanford and Penn St. are my 1 and 2 at this point. If I can get into Stanford, I'm pretty sure that will be my choice. I'm doing whatever it takes to get into Stanford."

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