January 12, 2009

Moore visits Syracuse

Louisville (MS) Louisville quarterback Clayton Moore committed to Mississippi in June, but as the months passed changes have been made and he is no longer an Ole Miss commit. Now the December high school graduate is looking for a home and looking fast.

Moore, 6-foot-1, 201 pounds made an unusual trip for a prospect from Mississippi last week when he took an unofficial visit to Syracuse. The three star quarterback talked about what his situation was with the Syracuse Orange.

"Here is the deal with that. They have not seen my film yet and I went on an unofficial there last week to see the place. Coach Rob Spence when he was at Clemson he was recruiting me a little bit and he knows my family real well," Moore said, "We kind of built a relationship and they knew what kind of player I was . When I found out he was at Syracuse and I was looking for a place to go I gave him a call and told him I would be in that area. I just got on campus and things like that. I sent my film on Friday morning and he should be watching it today and he should call me back and tell me what he wants to do with an offer and what not."

While visiting the Syracuse campus what did Moore think of the surroundings?

"I thought that the school was a wonderful place. The campus was real pretty, the academics are real good up there, and the football program has been down the past couple of years. They have a new coach coming in and I have heard nothing but great things about him."

The prospect also went on to talk about what stuck out for him on his visit.

"The campus really stuck out I expected to see a lot of big buildings and huge skyscrapers and things like that, but Syracuse was kind of off from all that. Two or three malls off to your east or west they did have some big buildings. It kind of made me feel at home a little bit except for all of the snow."

If any offer does materialize the Orange could be sitting in a prime spot for the Moore commitment because he can see himself playing for the Orange.

"No doubt [I could see myself playing there], it is a long way from home, but Coach Spence I think he is a wonderful person and I like how he does things. Coach Marrone, he coached in the NFL, so he is a good coach. The Big East is a BCS conference."

Now that Moore can see himself wearing Orange does that mean they are his leader at this point?

"If they offer yeah they will be my leader, but they have not offered yet because they have not seen my film. If Coach Spence calls and offers they will be my leader."

In the 2009 class there are plenty of solid signal-callers, but it is not his athletic skill that he feels sets him apart from the others. Moore feels that he has one intangible that could help him succeed.

"I just like to look at myself as a great leader for my teammates and I am the kind of player who will do whatever it takes to move the chains. Any school that gets me is getting a competitor. I don't know if I am any different than the other guys as far as arm strength or speed all I know about is my heart. I think I have a lot of hear and I bring that to the table."

Even though many school started up today and Moore a December graduate does not have a school yet he does plan on picking a school soon.

"I would like to get in a school in the next two weeks because you can enroll in a school two weeks after the first day starts. Syracuse started today, so I would have two weeks from today to enroll if I was going to."

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