December 30, 2008

Gilbert has favorite but Isn't Near Decision

It's been said that a big part of being a star is the lack of fear about standing out from others and it's clear that Huntsville, Texas star athlete Justin Gilbert is just such a young man. The 6-foot-1, 173-pound speedster has grown up in an area full of Texas and Texas A&M fans as well as followers of just about every other major college football program within the Lone Star State.

In spite of all of that he isn't afraid to stand out and talk about a possible favorite to the North of him rather than the South.

"I've liked Oklahoma since I was a little kid," Gilbert said. "They've sent me a bunch of mail.

"Basically they sent a couple pieces of mail that I was a future prospect for the program and that they would like for me to be a part of the program for the future."

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