December 15, 2008

Frederick recaps official in Madison

One of four 2009 Badger recruits that plan on enrolling early at Wisconsin next spring, offensive lineman Travis Frederick was in Madison this past weekend on his unofficial visit.

The following is a question and answer with the 6-foot-6, 310-pound in-state prospect:

I was wondering if you could you recap your visit this weekend in Madison?

Frederick: Well, we arrived Friday evening and went to the senior banquet. It was great to see all the coaches and players. Just getting to see everyone was really cool. That night we were able to hang out with our hosts.

The next day we went on a bunch of tours. We were able to see all of the facilities; we were also able to see practice. After practice we sat down in our position meetings with our positions coaches. Coach (Bob) Bostad was able to take some time and explain a few plays to us. Obviously I was with the offensive line, that's what we did in ours.

That night we went to the basketball game and when that concluded we got to eat. We ate a lot this weekend (laughing). Saturday night we went out with our hosts again, and this morning (Sunday) we went to brunch at coach (Bret) Bielema's house.

Who hosted you this weekend?

Frederick: On Friday I was hosted by Jake Current, and Saturday my host was Peter Konz.

How did you get along with those two guys?

Frederick: Those guys are really great. You can definitely tell that the offensive line sticks up for each other. They are kind of a big family. The same can be said for all of the guys, it seems like everyone is looking out for each other and hanging out together.

You mentioned Jake Current was your host for one night. Did he give you any tips on early graduation? It's been noted before that you will follow in his path as a December graduate.

Frederick: We've been talking even before this whole process started. He told me it really benefited him and he was able to learn a lot. He said it's a great opportunity. I can definitely say he helped me make that decision earlier this year.

It was a big weekend in Madison. Were you able to strike up a relationship with any of your fellow commitments? Did anyone stick out to you?

Frederick: You know, it's really great to meet all of those guys. There were 11 commitments up there this weekend and only one who was undecided. Being up there and getting the chance to know them was really great. It really is a great group of guys. Each and every one of them is something special.

A couple of the guys I've had the privilege to know already were Ryan Groy, Shelby Harris, Jordan Kohout and Jon Budmayr. I got the chance get to know Jeff Duckworth, who I've never met before. Another guy who I spent some time with was Chris Borland. They are a real good group of guys.

As far as upperclassmen on the Wisconsin roster, did anyone stick out to you from a physical standpoint or even on a personal level?

Frederick: After practice my host Jake Current and Peter Konz made the whole situation personable. They made it seem very family oriented. Everyone just felt right at home.

We were actually able to sit in a player's panel. It was cool because the players were there without any coaches. We were able to ask them questions, and every guy on the panel was really cool. They all really knew their stuff.

You mentioned the player's panel; could you give us a couple names?

Frederick: Culmer St. Jean was there. Aaron Henry was another one. John Moffitt, O'Brien Schofield and Nick Toon were also in attendance. Those are a few from the player's panel.

You are only a month away from being on campus, are you getting anxious especially after watching practice this weekend?

Frederick: Yes, it really sat in this weekend. It's amazing to think I'm going to get the opportunity to play with those guys and work with those coaches. Just sitting down with Coach Bostad and going over some plays really helped me and got me really excited for what's about to come.

Lastly, can you speak a little about the coaching staff and the hospitality they showed you this weekend?

Frederick: The staff is really great up there. Not only on the field, where they know their stuff about football, but off the field as well. Just listening to some of the players; they talk about how the coaches are friends and father figures off the field. If there is ever anything wrong you always have someone to speak with on or off the field. That again comes back to the family atmosphere. You get the feeling that they are really there for you. It's great to know I'll be spending time with them the next four or five years.

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