December 14, 2008

Clarke has successful trip

Frederick (Md.) cornerback Dominic Clarke has been no stranger to the Ohio State campus. The four star standout has made several trips out west to Columbus (Ohio) on his own dime but this past weekend he was able to make a trip out to Ohio State on an official visit and have a chance to check out his future home and meet with his future teammates.

The state of Maryland has turned out more than its own fair share of high school talent including current Buckeye Lamaar Thomas but Clarke is the first football player from his Tuscarora high school to be set to go to a high major program in football. Clarke was matched up with Flash Thomas as his host because of that Maryland connection but they had met before during the track season.

This past weekend was a great opportunity for Clarke to get to meet several of his future teammates that he hasn't had a chance to meet and get to develop deeper bonds with those that he had met before.

"It was nice, they had a whole bunch of recruits there and I got to meet a lot of the guys that will be in my class," Clarke said. "It was a lot of fun."

Almost every commit who made it in this past weekend has mentioned where the group got to eat on Saturday night and it has come with rave reviews along with the visit in general.

"We did a lot of bonding types of things," Clarke said. "I did like eating at the Mongolian BBQ (laugh), I don't have anything around here that is like that so it was really cool."

Clarke admits that he has never wavered on his commitment but that he feels a lot better now that he has had a chance to spend more time with his future teammates.

"It eliminates all that from when you first commit and you don't know who you are going to be playing with an all," Clarke said. "Now you know how all of them are and you have a better feel for who you are going to be playing with and who you are rooming with and stuff like that."

Clarke is not only an excellent football player but he is an excellent student as well with a 3.75 GPA. One of the stops on the campus tour was to meet with the academic counselors but it was nothing new for Clarke who had a chance to meet with them on a previous visit but a funny story came out of the stop on the trip.

"The funny thing was that we had all see that stuff before so there wasn't anything really that new," Clarke said. "The only person in the group who really hadn't seen it before was (quarterback recruit) Tajh Boyd… so we were kind of joking and were like, 'Man we have already seen this before, all you need to do is commit and you can stop taking us around things we have already seen (laugh).'"

Did Dominic and his future teammates have any success in tipping the scales?

"I think he liked it but I am still not sure what he is going to do," Clarke said. "I think that we had a good impression on him and met his parents and his mom liked it so we shall see."

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