November 20, 2008

2010 QB already checking out schools

Blue Springs junior Keeston Terry has been making news in the recruiting world as one of the top 2010 receivers in Missouri. But, Terry knows he cannot do it alone. The man delivering strike after strike to him is quarterback Jared Lanpher.

"I love the guy; he is a great leader," said Terry. "We hang out all the time on and off the field. We have a pretty good relationship. He has been going to games lately, and I try to visit those schools with him. I don't know if it's a possibility to go to the same school, but we do visit some schools together."

Jared Lanpher, who is listed at 6-foot-2 and 190 lbs., is currently a junior at Blue Springs and was able to lead his team to a successful season that included a trip to the playoffs. Their run ended, however, with a lopsided 48-0 loss to Rockhurst.

"Our season was pretty good," Lanpher said. "We came together a lot as a team with everything. At the end of the season, we just choked. We were in shock because we were not expecting it. We were expecting to win, and we felt that we were prepared for the game. They (Rockhurst) were just the better team that day."

Since the loss, Lanpher has already begun working on becoming a better player for his senior season. He finished his junior season with 16 touchdowns and was never short of finding Terry on the field.

"I love throwing to him," Lanpher said. "He is definitely my favorite receiver. The way he runs his routes; he is always open. I think he is getting looked at (by colleges) harder than me."

After such a successful season, Lanpher is also getting his fair share of looks from all over the country.

" I have got some letters, but nothing really heavy," he said. "I have received letters from K-State, MU, Iowa State, a couple from Alabama and UCLA."

When it comes to selecting a college, Lanpher is already doing his homework by visiting a few of the schools that have been in touch with him. One of the schools that he is taking a good look at is Mizzou.

"Well MU is nice," he said. "I went to MU a week or two ago when they played K-State, and I went to Iowa State last week. I wanted to see the schools, and during the season we have film on Saturdays. So I went up there after (the season), and it just worked out well that I saw Mizzou again."

In the off-season, Lanpher said the biggest improvement he needs to make is improving his speed. He feels that his arm strength is his greatest asset, and that he has improved at finding his receivers while he is in the pocket. He also has picked up some tips from playing against quarterbacks such as Mizzou commit Blaine Dalton.

"Well Blaine and those guys are just a lot faster," the quarterback said. "They are able to buy themselves extra time and throw it down the field."

Lanpher does not have any favorites at the moment, and he is continuing to send out his video to school. He said he would wait to see what kind of offers he receives before getting really involved in the recruiting process.

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