November 3, 2008

Impossible to forget

Georgia's workout Monday at the Woodruff Practice Facility was closed to the media, but from the way players described it, apparently a good bit of hangover remained.

Saturday's 49-10 blowout to Florida has been impossible to forget.

"You still see guys trying to get over it. A loss like that is devastating. Some people get over it quicker than others," senior defensive end Jeremy Lomax said. "But we've got to. If you sit there and dwell on it, you're going to be three weeks in the hole by the time the season is over. By the time you realize you've been dwelling on it you will have lost three straight."

Linebacker Rennie Curran said the players haven't been the only ones trying to shake the loss out of their system.

The entire UGA campus was feeling the pain.

"I feel like today, this being a Monday and what happened over the weekend, it was the kind of day around campus where everybody was walking around like they were at a funeral or something. People were just dead," Curran said. "I feel like we'll get past it. We've got a good group of seniors and we've got leaders and playmakers. We'll be fine in the long run, but right now we're very disappointed."

Lomax agreed, but added the hurt the players are playing will barely compare to the agony they will feel if Alabama and Florida wind up meeting at the Georgia Dome for the SEC Championship.

"That I think would hurt worse of all because I still believe we all think we should be playing there," Lomax said. "It hurt, it just hurts."

Allen defends Martinez

Junior cornerback Asher Allen says he doesn't read newspapers or Internet message boards, but he's heard all about the criticism being levied at defensive coordinator Willie Martinez.

It's not something he agrees with, either.

"I KNOW how much work Coach Martinez puts into it, and the whole coaching staff, and it's never been about him (Martinez)," Allen said. "A lot of people bash him for his play calling and things like that, but if you look at the film it's always going to be about the players. He's making great calls. We're just not executing."

Allen pointed to Georgia's losses to both Florida and Alabama, and included the win over LSU, as examples where he and the rest of the defense didn't live up to their end of the bargain.

The Bulldogs surrendered 128 points in those three games combined.

"You just know how people are going to react when you see points put up like that," Allen said. "But it's the players who have to take responsibility if we want to stop this. Again, the coaches are making the calls. They've put a lot of effort into this. We're the ones who have to execute the plays."

Richt responds to Fulmer leaving

Georgia coach Mark Richt expressed sadness with Monday's news that Tennessee coach Philip Fulmer would be stepping down at the end of the year.

"I was sorry to hear the news about Phil. My thoughts and prayers are with him, his staff and their families," Richt said in a statement.

With three games to go, Fulmer has a 150-51 record with the Vols, including the national championship in 1998.

This and that

Quarterback Matthew Stafford said his right angle is fine after feeling a tingling sensation following a fourth-quarter hit against the Gators. "I'm alright," Stafford said. "It just felt like it does when your foot goes to sleep. … The SEC announced that next week's Georgia-Auburn game will be among three that will be picked on a six-day selection. The other games include South Carolina at Florida and Mississippi State at Alabama. CBS will select first and will televise its game at 3:30 ET. ESPN will select second and televise its game on ESPN at 7:45 ET. Raycom will select third and televise its game at 12:30 ET. … Kicker Blair Walsh said he came back Sunday and kicked 35 field goals after missing five of his last eight attempts, including four from 40 yards or less.

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