October 21, 2008

Gordon still on Tech's radar

Being a four-star talent can have its drawbacks at times. Take Tennessee native Eric Gordon for instance- the talented two-way star dazzled everyone who saw him play over the last two years, but opposing coaches have wised up, and are now game-planning specifically for Gordon. And even though he's used to getting plenty of attention, this hasn't been the kind of attention a player craves.

"It's been going alright," he said of his season. "It's been treating me OK, but it hasn't been the best of years. I mean, it hasn't been perfect, that's all. No one will kick it or punt it to me, which is frustrating, and teams are focusing a lot more on me on offense, which has limited the amount of touches I can get. So that hasn't been a lot of fun, but it'll be alright."

The good part, says Gordon, is that his team is succeeding, regardless of how Gordon's individual stats have developed.

"At least my team is doing good," he said. "That's the main thing I'm concerned about. We're 6-2, and we've won our last six against some really good teams. That's the thing, if teams want to not kick to me, or focus on me more, that's fine, it benefits our team either way, so as long as we keep winning, it's all good. That's all I care about, as long as our team keeps doing good, I'm good."

As far as recruiting goes, Gordon has yet to take an official visit, despite the fact that he had one scheduled two weeks ago.

"I wasn't able to make my official visit to Texas Tech," he said. "I didn't even get to go- there was a last minute delay and we had to cancel the visit. I sent them my transcript, but my counselor left off my test scores, and I guess you have to have those to take a visit, so we had to re-schedule. It will work out though anyways, I'm not too worried about it."

Gordon plans to visit Oklahoma on November 1st, then Texas Tech for the Oklahoma State on November 8th game for now, but says he'll take other visits as well. In fact, he says there's a good chance he'll make it to the Tennessee-Alabama match-up as an unofficial visitor.

Several of the schools he's considering played high profile games this weekend, and Gordon says he caught three schools' games in particular: Texas Tech, Oklahoma, and Alabama. He took the time to break down what he saw in each particular game.

Alabama: "I didn't see too much of that, I caught a little bit at the end when the defense stopped 'em though. I can't say I saw too much though."

Oklahoma: "They got some athletes man, some serious athletes. The coaches make it happen too though. I mean, anyone can be stacked with talent, but without coaching, it doesn't amount to much. That's why Oklahoma is such a powerhouse of a program."

Texas Tech: "I mean, everyone knows that they're explosive, and man, are they explosive. Their coach knows what he's doing out there- that offense is just crazy. They know how to coach people up at Tech. They end up putting five explosive guys out there and it's like, how are coaches going to even stop that? It's not fair."

Gordon isn't sure when he'll make his decision, but says it won't be too close to National Signing Day.

"I don't want to be one of those guys who drags it out and gets all dramatic and decides at the last minute," he laughed. "That's not me, so it won't be at the very end, I know that."

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