October 9, 2008

Kelly discusses play action

Following the USC game, Duck Sports Authority caught up with Oregon offensive coordinator Chip Kelly to get an update on the status of the offense. In this installment of the interview, the discussion focuses on play action. Audio file included.

On whether the Ducks should add play action

"We run play action now. We threw to Jeff Maehl. We hit Jaison, second drive we hit Terence down the sidelines for 27 yards on a play action pass. We hit Jeff Maehl on two swing passes after that. We missed Ed Dickson down the middle. He (Masoli) kind of got to him late and it got knocked down so we ran four or five early in the second quarter where I think we were two of four or three of four."

On why they didn't go deep against USC

"The first play to Terence was a boot pass we hit Terence down the sideline, 27 yard gain. The corner bit, after that their secondary didn't really support that hard so we ended up having to throw the ball down. We checked it down to Jeff Maehl twice in the flats. He came late to Ed. He probably should have been a little bit earlier to Ed, once on a crossing route on the same kind of package so those are four things we ran either in the second quarter or the third quarter of that game."

On how as an offensive coordinator you determine when to use play action

"It's who's stopping your play, is really what it becomes. If the secondary is becoming a factor in stopping your run game you need to get the play action involved in it. If the three technique is stopping your run game than play action isn't really going to help because the secondary isn't the guys involved in the play. So really you've got to figure out what's taking away your run game. If the secondary is your answer, then the answer has to be play action."

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