September 24, 2008

Is this the week for Burns?

Heading into last Saturday's game against LSU, all signs pointed to Kodi Burns getting some playing time.

But for the second straight week, Auburn's backup quarterback watched from the sidelines as Chris Todd took all the snaps.

Auburn head coach Tommy Tuberville said the coaches wanted to get Burns into both the Mississippi State and LSU games but couldn't find the right time.

"In games like we've had like the last two games, every snap can mean the difference between winning and losing," Tuberville said. "We feel good about Kodi going in, but it's just hard to pull the trigger as a head coach knowing the guy out there is doing pretty good, especially last week.

"When we went to one quarterback, it was one of those deals where you expect (Burns) to get into a game, but then you have a 3-2 game and a game that goes 26-21 down to the last minute. The opportunity never got there."

Tuberville hopes this is the week they can get some more playing time for Burns even though Auburn is expecting another tight game against Tennessee.

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