August 27, 2008

Sooner Commit plays linebacker like he does running back

Dewar, Okla. - They say that playing offense and defense requires to very different psychological mindsets. While the offensive player is thought to be more of a thinker who aims to steer himself away from contact the defenders is expected to listen to metal at deafening levels, eat raw meat and live by the seat of his pants. Fortunately for Dewar head coach Josh Been, and unfortunately for Ronnell Lewis's opponents, Lewis never got that memo.

OK, so maybe he doesn't listen to death metal and a smart farm boy knows meat far too well to eat it before cooking it. However, it's definite that Lewis never learned to separate the two because on defense he spends his time lowering the boom on one helpless running back after another while on offense he spends his time, well, lowering the boom on one helpless linebacker after another.

It's not just his ability as a hitter that is amazing about Lewis, it's his overall ability that he takes from each position and put into another.

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