August 10, 2008

Q&A: Antone Smith breaks the silence and other members of the media caught up with senior running back Antone Smith during Sunday's Media Day. Here is a transcript of that interview:

After suffering all of the injuries last year, did you do anything differently this offseason?

"I really didn't do anything different. I just took a different approach. I know that this is my senior year coming up that I really have to work on all the flaws that I thought I have. That is basically just finishing games, staying healthy. I can't really do anything about staying healthy, injuries just kind of happen, this football. But everything as far as pass protection, running the ball a little harder. I am just focusing on what I need to focus on and I have just been focusing on the whole game and focusing on my teammates and being the ultimate teammate. That is one thing I have really been focusing on so far."

How do you work on running the ball harder?

"It is not necessarily working on running the ball harder, I have been running the ball hard since I got here, it is just having the attitude behind it and just having the focus behind running the ball. That is just all I have been doing, having a focus on running the ball and just trying to do whatever it takes to make this team successful and make myself successful. I have just been trying to work on that a little more this year."

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