August 1, 2008

Top Ten Tigers: Doing it All

Fall camp is now just three days away. Over the weekend, leading up to the day of the first practice, will count down the ten most important Tigers for the 2008 season. The list was made up with a look at past performance, expected impact during the 2008 season and depth at any given position. Today, we continue the countdown.

3. Jeremy Maclin

Why he's on the list: The question mostly will be why he is not higher on the list. There are a few reasons. First of all, the Tigers know what they're getting out of Maclin. Is he of huge importance to the team? No doubt. But there are some places where there might be more depth questions or someone who needs to step up. For Maclin to match the numbers he put up last year will be extremely difficult. Defenses will double-cover him and coaches will kick away from him. He will still find ways to make a major impact, but would be well served to see what Will Franklin did a season ago to make Missouri a better team despite his numbers dropping somewhat. In the end, he's number six because he will have a huge amount to say about the Tigers winning games, but they can survive a drop in his production and still be very good.

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