July 28, 2008

Carroll talks about UCLA, Ohio State

At Pac-10 Media Days, USC head coach Pete Carroll said plenty just by using some pretty simple words.

Pumped, jacked, psyched - Carroll dove into Roget's Thesaurus looking for different ways to tell the media gathered around him how excited he was for his eighth season leading the Trojan football team.

After meeting with the press in a more controlled setting early in the day, Carroll held court among a large group of reporters at lunch, answering all kinds of questions.

Here's an overview of what he had to say.

On Carson Palmer's comments about Ohio State

"Obviously, he's been away from me too long. He's just having fun with it. The locker room chatter in the NFL is as much fun as anything else that happens there. The rivalries and the yapping is really for the locker room and not for the media. When it does escape, it's usually awesome stuff. The fact that he's in Ohio, he could've been a little more careful with what he said."

On the hype surrounding the Sept. 13 game with Ohio State

"They're both such storied programs. Ohio State's been a great program forever; SC's been a great program forever. When you match that up, it's rare. It's unique. When the time comes, it'll be a lot of fun for you guys. To me, I'm not going to change anything at all. We would only fall prey to the hype if we change, and we won't. I understand it, though."

On his excitement

"There are a couple of reasons why we're so pumped up. We recruited all these guys to do what they're going to do now. We've envisioned these guys taking over, being the leaders, being the players and being the stars as we recruited them. Each year, you get to see these guys come in to their own, and that's exciting.

"The nature of this team is really a little bit different than the other ones. It's the combination of the players that make it up -the physical, tough, outspoken linebackers, the running backs that are the same on the other side. They'll have more fun competing in camp against each other."

On Rick Neuheisel's comments concerning the Bruins catching up to USC

"Guys say what they've got to say."

On Clay Matthews

"I'm really pumped about the spring Clay had. We played him in the same way we played Brian Cushing a couple of years ago. I need to see him another camp to see how much we can count on from him. He's really fast, he really understands what's going on and he's relentless. That position that he rushes from can really be dominant when it comes to rushing the quarterback."

On Chris Galippo's back

"Chris is recovering well. He's way ahead of schedule because he's already been through the rehabilitation program. The core strength needed to get back to normal, he's well advanced at that. The doctors are really hoping he'd be back by game four."

On the importance of Stanley Havili to the offense

"No one's even mentioned him the whole day long. Stanley really is an integral part of what we're doing. There aren't really a lot of fullbacks in football anymore. It's almost a dying breed at that position. For us to have such a good football player at that spot is unique. He can block well, he can run well and he can catch. It's really special. By continuing to develop our own stuff, we're unique. It's like with the spread offense that's all over college football now. We're unique and I like that. Stanley's a factor."

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